BlueGold® Grand Champion PME® Package – Eden Blue Gold
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March 31, 2020
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May 28, 2020
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BlueGold® Grand Champion PME® Package

$278.99 $199.00

Buy 1 Gallon of Grand Champion PME® and get 1 gallon of Eden Enzymes for FREE with FREE shipping! Click on the product links to learn more about each individual product. 

This offer is good through May 1, 2020! For questions or more information please call us on 1-877-732-5360 or email


Note: Rabbits on the Eden Enzymes will go into a molt when they get the Enzymes. This is a good thing before a show because after the molt the coat is impressive and usually twice as thick. It is shiny and soft, which is perfect for show rabbits. As of this time, rabbits are the only thing we know go into a molt with the Eden Enzymes. The Enzymes will also build bulk, muscle, and stature very quick.

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