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Please view our 2023 Operating Schedule to see all Eden closed business days.

We are closed on September 19th, so all orders pre-18th will ship on the 18th, and orders from the 19th will ship the next day on the 20th.

September 25th is the last guaranteed day to get your ground orders in for shipping by September 27th as we are closed September 28th-29th and will return Monday, October 2nd.

We are closed on October 3-10th, so all orders pre-October 1st will ship on the 2nd, and orders from the 3rd-10th will begin to be fulfilled on the 11th.

We are closed on October 19-20th, so all orders from the 18th-22nd will ship on Monday, October 23rd.

Please note on the above Calendar we are closed on Fridays in 2023. All Friday/weekend orders are fulfilled Monday, depending on inventory, volume, and FedEx/USPS observed federal holidays.

All orders will be fulfilled in the order received the next open business day. We strive to get all orders out within 24 hours. Please note all nutrient management crisis orders take precedence.

If you need an overnight order or express rushed order, please call us by 9 AM EST to confirm the order and if it can meet your deadline: 307-275-7010
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