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Dr. Professor Philip Callahan; LSU leading Agronomist, said, “No method of insect control will ever work as long as poisoned crops outgas ethanol and ammonia in small parts per million. Those two powerful fermentation chemicals are the mark of a dying, decaying plant and serve as attractants to all plant-eating insects.”
“No Method Of Insect Control Will Ever Work…”
November 4, 2016
This is a persimmon tree that our friends, Roger and Lori, have on their property. It is a family tree with a great generational story. Its perpetual and declining health was quickly remediated with Blue Gold Solutions. Here is what they had to say: “Starting one month ago I began spraying my grandfather’s persimmon tree. He planted this tree in 1943 after he brought the seed back from the Pacific in his pocket. Needless to say, it is long past its prime. One side of the tree broke off and became infested with Formosa termites. I cleaned the rot off of the trunk which is six inches in diameter and sprayed the entire trunk and limbs with 21 m/L of Blue Gold per gallon of water. Then following Maria Thune’s Biodynamic Calendar, I treated the tree once a week halving the Blue Gold Solution each time. Now it is full spring and sprouting. I am spraying three times a week with 2 m/L of Blue Gold. For the last 10 years, this 7-foot tree has never produced over 50 total fruit in a year. Today, on the 5th of April, I counted nearly 1000, yes 1000, plus blooms. If I have a complete bloom set, transitioning into fruit, I will have to support the tree from sheer weight. At 1.5lbs per fruit normally, the math on this is terrifying, to say the least for this old soldier of a tree. Wow! What a product is the Blue Gold. Thank you so much!”
Blue Gold™ Revives Decades Old Persimmon Tree!
January 5, 2017

Blue Gold™ Garden Vegetable Plants Produce In Extreme California Heat

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In Alpine, California, in the middle of drought and water restrictions, Eden customer, Babra Rosenberg is achieving Amazing Results with Blue Gold™ Solutions. In her words:

My pepper plants are huge and still loaded with peppers. My beans were dying back and spraying with Blue Gold™ Garden Blend I have new green leaves and more beans. My tomato plants are thriving. My strawberries have multiplied like crazy. I planted one row around each bed, and the beds are totally full of strawberries. As well as the ground around the beds. I had a drip system malfunction at least three weeks in 100 plus temperatures with no water. A small pear tree withered and lost all leaves. After fixing the problem, I applied weekly for two weeks. After the first application, I had new leaves. After the second application, I had flowers and more leaves.

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