BlueGold® Eden Nutrients™ Bulk 4lb NOP Compliant Worm Castings Concentrate - Eden BlueGold®
★ SOFT ROCK PHOSPHATE GARDEN LAWN SOIL ADDITIVE, AMENDMENT, CONDITIONER, NUTRIENT: The most exceptional energy catalyst you can provide plants is a 1:2.7 ratio of Phosphate:Calcium. Calcium is King of Minerals & Phosphate is King of Production + Fruiting Flowering cycles. Proper levels of these in plant sap/soil reduces disease/pest. Be good stewards of the soil and put back every Spring and Fall what the plant takes out or your soil health will decline, and disease/pest worsen year after year. ★ CALCIUM ENRICHED PHOSPHATE AS BONE MEAL ALTERNATIVE FOR VEGETARIAN VEGAN GARDEN: Soft Rock Phosphate is a non-animal by-product alternative to Blood Meal, Bone Meal and Fish Emulsion for Vegan Gardening and/or Vegetarian Garden. Use in Place of Bone Meal Fertilizer, Bone Meal for Plants, Bone Meal for Gardening, Bone Meal for Roses, Bone Meal Powder for Plants, Bone Meal Compost, Calcium Bone Meal, etc.

★ PHOSPHATE POWDER AS GARDEN LIMESTONE ALTERNATIVE: Acidic and Calcium Deficient Soils will Benefit from our Soft Rock Phosphate and may Lessen or Eliminate the Need for: Limestone Powder, Limestone for Garden, Limestone for Soil, Limestone for Lawn, Limestone for Plants, etc. Our Soft Rock Phosphate is a Raw Mined Calcium Enriched Phosphate High in Both Calcium and Phos in a Soft Rock Form for Quick Uptake! ★ LIVESTOCK ANIMAL FEED SUPPLEMENTS: Calcium and Phosphate are the 2 most abundant minerals in the body. The importance of these balanced minerals in ruminant animals (cattle, sheep, goats), are vital for ranchers, farmers, livestock owners. Ruminant feed is a poor source of Phosphorus leading to deficiency, which can lead to many problems including reduced growth and feed efficiency, decreased appetite, reduced reproduction efficiency, decreased milk production, weak fragile bones (rickets). 
★ INCREASE ROOT SYSTEM OF ROSES, TREES, LAWN SYSTEMS like Soft Rock Phosphate. It helps them develop strong root systems and helps to produce more buds on roses. Can Also Be Used as Compost Tea Additive for Compost Tea for Roses, Compost Tea for Lawn, Compost Tea for Plants, Compost Tea for Hydroponics, and more! SUBJECT MATTER - 50 each (5) gardeners, growers, farmers, plant nursery, garden phosphate, hydroponics, aeroponics, aquaponics urban farmer, urban gardener, vertical growing indoor gardening, indoor growing, tower garden landscaper, lawn care, landscape, landscaping INTENDED USE - 100 each (5) phosphate, phosphate fertilizer, phosphate calcium, calcium, super phosphate fertilizer phosphate dishwasher detergent, phosphate detergent, phosphate laundry detergent, gardening soil phosphate for plants, calcium phosphate supplement, soil amendments, phosphate garden phosphate supplement, phosphate chemical, calcium phosphate powder, soil nutrients, soil amendments phosphate for cooking, phosphate pool, rock phosphate fertilizer, rock phosphate organic, TARGET AUDIENCE - 500 each (5) phosphate buffer, phosphate binder for dogs, phosphate binder for cats, phosphate liquid, phosphate wash, phosphate for dishwasher, phosphate capsules, phosphate vitamins, phosphate aquarium, phosphate dishwasher soap, phosphate magnesium, rock phosphate, rock phosphate powder, soft rock phosphate, soft rock phosphate powder, soft rock phosphate fertilizer, bonemeal, bonemeal powder, bonemeal for cats, bonemeal for dogs, bone meal, bone meal fertilizer, bone meal for dogs, bone meal for plants phosphate wash, bone meal powder, bone meal gardening, bone meal garden, bone meal for garden, bone meal organic, bone meal roses, bone meal powder for dogs, bone meal supplement, bone meal bulk, bone meal for cats, bone meal powder for plants, bone meal calcium, bone meal organic fertilizer, bone meal compost, compost tea, compost for soil, compost for gardening, compost manure, best compost, compost starter, compost for garden, compost mix, compost dirt, compost garden, compost activator compost for vegetable garden, compost for lawn, compost top soil, compost for roses, compost for plants, compost enzymes, compost tea brew, compost tea organic, compost tea hydroponics, compost tea fertilizer, compost tea for plants, compost tea mix, compost tea starter, compost tea plants, compost tea nutrients, limestone powder, limestone garden, limestone soil, limestone for soil, limestone for lawn, limestone planter, limestone for plants, garden soil, gardening soil, soil amendments organic soil, soil conditioner, soil nutrient, garden fertilizer, plant food, fungicide, root growth, organic fertilizer, grass fertilizer, organic weed killer, tomato fertilizer, plant nutrients, plant fertilizer, fertilizer for plants, root booster, root stimulator, inoculant, vegetable fertilizer, foliar spray, organic plant food, foliar feeding, foliar fertilizer, citrus tree fertilizer, citrus food, natural lawn care, root starter, houseplant fertilizer, kelp fertilizer, lawn fungus control root growth hormone, plant food indoor, bean inoculant, root growth, advanced nutrients, greenhouse supplies, bloom booster fertilizer, feeding roses, roses, white roses, desert rose, yellow roses, rose bushes, climbing rose bush, garden roses, desert rose plant, miniature roses, shrub roses, ground cover roses, growing roses, miniature rose bush, container roses, fertilizer for roses, disease resistant roses, potted roses, rose bush tree, patio roses, indoor roses, rose fertilizer SEARCH TERMS - 750 each (1) phosphate, bulk phosphate, phosphate fertilizer, rock phosphate, bone meal alternatives, vegetarian gardening, vegan gardening, fertilizer ingredients, soil nutrients, organic soil amendments, limestone for plants, soft rock phosphate fertilizer TARGET AUDIENCE - 50 each (5)
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PLATINUM KEYWORDS - 50 each (20) calcium fertilizer, foliar feeding, soil nutrients, soil additives, root fertilizer, rose food soil conditioner, sustainable gardening, fertilizer for roses, rose pest control, hydroponics calcium organic, root stimulator, plant food, general hydroponic, powdery mildew treatment bugs on roses, rose scale knockout rose care, soil fertilizer, calcium phosphate fertilizer soil pH adjustment, soil additives, plant food, calcium nitrate for plants, compost tea additive calcium nutrient, limestone soil additive, container gardening, humic fulvic acid, pest control potting soil for vegetables, potting soil plants, tree disease, root booster, foliar feeding potting soil cannabis, water treatment, limestone for soil, limestone for lawn, limestone for plants livestock feed, animal feed supplements, calcium phosphate supplement, soft rock phosphate hard rock phosphate, rock phosphate, rock phosphate fertilizer, phosphate buffer, laundry detergent soil amendments for clay soil, bone meal fertilizer, calcium gardening, bonemeal, compost manure rock phosphate organic, organic gardening, vegetarian gardening, vegan gardening, compost mix bone meal roses, bone meal gardening, bone meal organic, bone meal bulk, bulk phosphate organic soil vegetables, organic soil cannabis, calcium phosphate magnesium, soil nutrients bone meal bulk, bone meal alternative, limestone alternative, sustainable gardening potting soil additive, calcium phosphate soil, calcium plant food, limestone planter phosphate pool, phosphate water treatment, bonemeal powder, phosphate powder, soil pH minerals for soil, garden minerals, gardening soil nutrients, garden soil additives calcium carbonate plants, phosphate garden, phosphate supplement, phosphate calcium calcium carbonate bulk, bulk rock phosphate, organic soft rock phosphate, organic amendments
BlueGold® Eden Nutrients™ Bulk 5lb Soft Rock Phosphate
June 7, 2013
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BlueGold® Eden Nutrients™ Bulk 4lb NOP Compliant Worm Castings Concentrate


Worm Castings are rich in nutrients, minerals, and natural growth enhancers! NO: Manures, Yard Wastes, Toxins, Heavy Metals, Harsh pHs, GMOs, or Chemicals.

Earthworms are vital to the soil. They increase aeration and water flow. But most importantly, they digest macro Organic Matter and excrete micro-Organic Matter (Worm Castings) and CaCO3 (Calcium Carbonate), which are instantly available to plants and provide High Organic Matter for increasing soil water holding capacities. Worm Castings are a great way to introduce Organic Matter to create a healthy living soil and enhance water retention in a natural way that does not encourage root rot but rather protects plant roots for vigorous plant growth. Worm Castings are low in Nitrogen and high in Humic matter, so they can be used in any quantity without fear of burning tender young plants and/or the most delicate plants, unlike animal manures. Worm Castings are a natural slow-release material and have been attributed with the benefit of locking out Heavy Metals in organic waste. You can use Worm Castings for side-dressing plants, as mulching material, additive to potting soil, in worm bed starters for worm farming, hydroponic grow media, seed germination, point soil conditioner amendment for enhanced soil aeration, and more! BlueGOLD® Worm Castings are rich in nutrients, trace minerals, and natural growth enhancers, which help to increase microbial populations significantly. As a result of increased natural nutrients and microbes, Worm Castings are reported by many to be synonymous with stimulated plant growth and high yields, more so than any other naturally derived product. Many Worm Casting products are heavily laden with third-party fertilizer products and usually, a chemical harsh pH source, which only combats your soil conditioning. Our pure Worm Castings are produced in an indoor climate-controlled facility under strict quality control standards. NO harsh pH, chemicals, manures, or yard waste is used in the worm bedding. They are non-GMO grain-fed. As the grains are consumed repeatedly, the breakdown results in a high Organic Matter low salt index pure Worm Casting. Because we take the extreme effort to provide only pure, high-quality non-GMO grain-fed diet, our results are a pure black Worm Casting Concentrate that will break down slowly, reducing the need for repeated applications, making our Worm Castings very cost-effective. These NOP Worm Castings are pure, extra sifted for maximum sand removal to be low sand, and provide the purest Casting for your Casting needs, allowing you to focus on your fertilizer and soil conditioning needs with ingredients you can trust. Because these Worm Castings are sifted and screened of most of the sand from the Castings which leaves 40% more pure Worm Castings than the average Casting on the market. Our Worm Castings have been tested and proven to be free of Toxins and Heavy Metals that are harmful and toxic to you, your animals, and your plants. This product has an NPK rating of 0.75 – 0.50 – 0.25 and is made in the USA. 


Application rates are dependent upon Apical Testing. Average:

New Indoor Plants: Gently mix a 1:5 ratio of Worm Castings into soil before inserting the plant. We highly recommend an Apical Soil Test. You may be best going to virgin soil and using some of that soil in the case.
Existing Indoor Plants: Sprinkle a cup of Worm Castings around the base of the plant.
New Outdoor Plants: Spread Worm Castings evenly and work them into the soil before planting your flower bed or garden. Use 30 pounds per 100 square feet. For new trees and shrubs, place a cup of Worm Castings in the hole before planting.
Existing Outdoor Plants: Sprinkle Worm Castings around the base of the plant – 12 pounds per 100 square feet. For trees and shrubs, spread Worm Castings on the ground above the roots. Use 30 pounds per 100 square feet.
Lawns – New and Existing: Spread Worm Castings on the ground and work them into the soil if possible. Use 30 pounds per 1,000 square feet. For every situation, Apply 2-3 times per year for optimal results.


Caution: Unlike chemical fertilizers, the measurements for pure worm-castings are not crucial, but it is highly recommended they are used according to recommended rates. However, these are still concentrated and time-release, so start with a small amount—caution with Nitrogen fertilizer. If you’ve applied Nitrogen fertilizers, you should wait 14 days and do a flush before applying Worm Castings to avoid burning.

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  1. Kevin R. Seiter

    This is gold. It is a superbooster and my plants love it. Follow directions. –Kevin R. Seiter

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