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May 20, 2019
Maxi-CAL™ is set apart from other Calcium sources because of its unique negative charged source of CaC03, which results in explosively available Calcium uptake. Its unique blend of Calcium of NOP Compliant Raw Oceanic Deposits, Plant Saponins, and Carbohydrates are Trade-Secret Manufactured without high heat, acids, solvents, or harsh chemicals to micronize available levels of CaC03 and preserve the inherent all natural biological strains. By dry weight analysis, Maxi-CAL™ contains over 21% available CaC03. Best used with BlueGold® Nutrient Systems, especially BossPhos™, and proper 6.4 pH. See immediate Apical Sap Test results in any plant and strain with balanced inputs. The industry has Cal-Mag problems due to low pH feeding and improper Ca/Mg/P loading in VEG cycles. Calcium does not work without properly balanced/deficient Phosphate or excess Potassium, Magnesium, Boron, NO3, Na Sodium, Chlorides, Sulfur, Iron, Aluminum, etc. Establish plants in the VEG cycle with large amounts of available balanced Calcium & Phosphate to set the plant up to carry them over into the Flowering cycle for huge blooms, reproduction, and pest and disease resistance. Proper nutrient ratios via Root Zone & Foliar feeds will always dictate deliverable balanced nutrients in the Sap. Balanced Calcium is the key to massive production and the ability to govern susceptibility to disease. Do not use with synthetically enhanced, oceanic, and/or excess Na/Cl/Al/K/S/Mg/N/Fe/B grow media. By itself, at recommended rates, Maxi-CAL™ will not harm ANY plant, floral, strain, biology, system, human, animal, environment, or beneficial (bird, bee, butterfly, earthworm, etc.).
BlueGold® Maxi-CAL™ (21% Available Calcium)
June 25, 2019
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BlueGold® BossPhos™ (0-20-1-25 Phosphate Fertilizer)


Use BlueGold® BossPhos™ with our complete Nutrient Lineup or enhance your non-synthetic inputs. With BlueGold® BossPhos™ you can expect to see maximum flower density, enhanced reproductive cycles, and increased BRIX, aroma, taste, and quality.

BlueGold® BossPhos™ is 100% Natural and NOP Compliant for Certified Organic Programs (please contact your certifier before use). BlueGold® BossPhos™ is formulated from a unique OMRI-Listed Soft Rock Phosphate that is trade-secret manufactured without high heat, acids, solvents, or harsh chemicals to reveal higher levels of available Phosphate and preserve inherent all-natural biological strains. It is complexed further with NOP Compliant Plant Saponins and Carbohydrates. By dry weight analysis, BossPhos™ contains over 20% available P2O5 and 25% CaCO3. Phosphate (P) is an essential nutrient for plant growth in vegetative and flowering cycles. BossPhos™ delivers potent Phosphate and works quickly in crops, fruits, and flowering medicinal plants, with fast plant sap results to harden blooms and explode BRIX. Phosphate is known as the King of Minerals for a reason. Properly balancing grows with BlueGold® nutrient systems of Phosphate, Calcium, Carbon, Silica, Micros in VEG will set plants up for tight internode stacking and bloom sets – in Flower cycles plants will be set up for increased size, density, weight, trichomes, terpenes, taste, aroma, efficacy – and no leaf knife-tip yellowing or burning in VEG/FLOWER with proper Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Phosphate. Additionally, enhanced reproductive cycles begin with proper Phosphate levels. Proper nutrient ratios via Root Zone & Foliar feeds will always dictate water-soluble deliverable balanced nutrients in the plant sap is the key to massive production and the ability to govern susceptibility to pest and disease. Balanced nutrition is water-soluble deliverable nutrition. BlueGold® grown plants have zero cure/dry problems or time constraints. No nutrient can process without a Phosphate, and proper Phosphate levels are dependant upon proper levels of Calcium. While Phosphate is very commonly used, its most crucial counterpart, Calcium, is often neglected. One doesn’t work without the other. If you are buying BossPhos™, we highly recommend you use it with Maxi-Cal™. You want to jam Calcium and Phosphate in VEG reaching ideal PPMs of 6,000 PPMs of Calcium and 750 PPM of Phosphate. If you wait to push it in FLOWER, you end up with issues, ‘Cal-Mag’ issues being the biggest. Without properly balanced Potassium, you experience tip burn, small buds, small fruit, etc. High Potassium will also push out Calcium. Similarly, too much Phosphate will stunt Calcium if it’s not properly balanced.

For best results, BlueGold® should only be applied in accordance with an Apical Soil/Plant Sap Analysis. Results should dictate ongoing application rates. Apply in most grow media (caution do not use synthetically enhanced or high Na/Ch media with BlueGold®). By itself, BossPhos™ will not harm ANY plant, floral, strain, biology, system, human, animal, environment, or beneficial (bird, bee, butterfly, earthworm, etc.). Supercharge growth by optimizing nutrition. BlueGold® BossPhos™ can be used to enhance your current inputs, but it is primarily meant to be used with our nutrient lineup. For ALL plants we recommend BlueGold® Hydro to protect them from frost, freeze, and heat.

All Eden BlueGold® Solutions are 100% formulated, made, and manufactured in America by a family-founded, owned, operated, and Veteran-led business. For larger sizes, please visit our Ag website.

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Phosphate nutrients should be applied according to plant sap analysis. Rates are dependant upon on strains/crop, what growth cycle you’re in, and what excesses are in the sap shown on an Apical Sap Test, use the below rates (per 1 gallon of clean water) for weekly applications of BossPhos™. For fastest uptake, fertigate then foliar 15 minutes later. You can fertigate 1-2x per week and foliar daily [minimum 3x per week]. Due to natural plant saponins, always add BossPhos™ to water to reduce minimal foaming. Shake extremely well before use but please open slowly. There are approximately 7+ lbs of Phosphate 1 gallon at +/- <1 micron. Nutrient feed tanks must have proper agitation to use BlueGold® Super-Concentrate Solutions.

      • Zone: 5-9 mL per gallon of clean water
      • Foliar: 3-5 mL per gallon of clean water
    • FLOWER
      • Zone: 5-9 mL per gallon of clean water
      • Foliar: 5-9 mL per gallon of clean water

Plants may require varying watering cycles due to light, humidity, temp. Water as needed – keep soil moisture rate at 27% do not exceed 33% zone. Keep soil/sap pH at 6.4 in VEG and 6.35 in FLOWER for best growth/fruit results.

Helpful Hints and Suggestions: For more information please call us on 1-307-275-7010 or email

  • It is best to always pair Phosphate with Calcium.
  • Sometimes there can be slight leaks if the carrier is extra rough with the shipping. If there is a problem with the shipment, please contact us at 1-307-275-7010 or email
  • The leftover mix is good for 30 days. Store in a cool dark place.
  • BlueGold® BossPhos™ causes extreme root growth, caution with plastic/cloth pots (root bounding increases stress).
  • BlueGold® BossPhos™ can be used with pump-up sprayers, hose-end sprayers (put on 3oz setting), and/or watering pails.
  • Safe to apply in all weather conditions, hot or cold, and before, during, and/or after rain. BlueGold® BossPhos™ has been tested from 15°F to 125°F with no detriment to plants, soil, blooms. The best time to spray is early morning when dew is present.
  • BlueGold® BossPhos™ is not harmful to the skin. If contact occurs, wash afterward to avoid dry skin.

At Eden Solutions, we do not believe in just selling you a BlueGold® Solution. Instead, we believe in providing Amazing Results for real problems that require real solutions. Our goal is the best products in the industry, and we start by standing behind our products 100%, guaranteed. They are tested and used on our farms exclusively, before yours! Please contact us at 1-307-275-7010 or email anytime. We are happy to go over your current protocols and inputs and help to devise a successful approach to introducing BlueGold® and recommend the best choices. We highly recommend Apical‘s industry-first PPM plant sap analysis testing + correct water-based soil analysis testing services.


By itself, BlueGold® BossPhos™ will never cause burning when used at the recommended rates. Do NOT combine with pesticides/chemicals/plant cleaners/etc. All BlueGold® Solutions have the ability to magnify anything they are mixed with or come into contact with within the soil, water, or on plant leaf surfaces. BlueGold® should only be applied in accordance with Apical Sap/Soil tests. Results dictate rates. DO NOT COMBINE WITH pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, synthetics, chemicals, plant cleaners, high Salt/Chloride/Aluminum/Sulfur/Iron, and unbalanced Solutions or enhanced Grow Media. BlueGold® magnifies anything it touches in soil, water, or leaf surfaces and greatly enhances uptake. Strengthened doses of these can result in direct stress, burning, or death. BlueGold® Solutions by themselves, without these, have/will never cause these issues when used as directed by Eden Solutions. If the user chooses to use these combined with BlueGold® against our directions, they must be reduced at a minimum of 90%. WE DO NOT ADVOCATE OR RECOMMEND THIS. Ask how to qualify for guarantees. Very recent (months prior) or current use of chemicals like fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, algaecides, bactericides, miticides, pesticides, biocides, fumigants, plant growth regulators, pH Up/Down chemicals, dyes, etc., – all can cause an unfavorable interaction due to the BlueGold® Solution magnifying the strength of said chemical. Strengthened doses of those chemicals can result in direct stress, burning, or death of plants. BlueGold® Solutions by themselves, without chemical interactions, will never cause these issues in any plant or soil (when used as directed)Users must respect BlueGold® labels and reduce NPK/synthetic inputs by +/- 90%. If by user choice, against our directions/recommendations, to use chemical inputs by combining with BlueGold®, they must be reduced by 90% or more. If you quickly move the pH to 6.4 with the help of pH adjusters, without adjusting inputs, you’re drastically making inputs more available, which results in stressed, burned, or dead plants from too big of a hit from the nutrients that are now available at a much higher % than previously. Especially when all the excess stored up chemicals inputs, flood into the plants at even higher EC/PPM values. Likewise, if you do not adjust inputs while using BlueGold®, as soil/sap pH is driven to 6.4, the same can happen over an extended period depending on soil and watering conditions. We do not advocate mixing BlueGold® with any chemicals. This all only applies to chemical-based products and does not apply to organic-based products except for humic and fulvic acids as they are already in the BlueGold®. Best used with non-city or chemically treated water sources. Best if RO, distilled, or rain/spring water is used. BlueGold® works and works very well in all organic situations with no side effects. If you encounter problems in the plants from the chemicals by your choice, then STOP.

As the manufacturer, we offer Guaranteed Results when used as directed. A limited guarantee restricted to exclusive use with BlueGold® products and systems subject to soil, plant, water conditions, and Postal damages. No warranty. 

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