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September 25, 2018
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Blue Gold™ Flower Power

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Our Blue Gold™ Rose Blend is 100% Natural and NOP Compliant for Certified Organic Programs (please contact your certifier before use). Our Proprietary Cold-Process converts non-GMO herbs, mineral sources, oceanic plants and clays, plant oils, and other natural plant extracts to make our Rose Blend. Caution: Rose Blend is enhanced with Triacontanol and will harm other plants. Use with roses only. Triacontanol enhances the production of rose buds. Increased water penetration and uptake with properly balanced nutrition in plant sap with Blue Gold™ Rose Blend Wetting Agent boosts remarkable results like a longer flowering cycle, vibrant blooms, deeper and explosive root growth, increased biology and worms, higher BRIXX (resulting in natural pest and disease control), attracting beneficials, increased pollination, reduce water usage by 15-25% (due to increased water holding capacity), give frost and freeze protection (when sprayed priorto frost or freeze), extreme blooms, multiple sets, generate porous soft soil, enhance soil water storage capacity and decrease water usage, grow pest and disease free roses, eliminate and fix root rot and blight conditions, reduce heat stress, and reduction of fertilizer and water inputs by up to 90% (dependent upon plant sap/soil/pH conditions). Blue Gold™ Rose is a safe pH balanced solution designed to quickly address the immune systems of roses, rose trees, rose bushes, and also increases the life of fresh rose cuts. Blue Gold™ Rose is a chemical-free supercritical wetting agent that optimizes a plant’s nutrient delivery system that will not harm people, animals, or beneficials including birds, bees, butterflies, and earthworms. Our rose nutrients can be applied to all flowering growth stages. Blue Gold™ Rose is manufactured naturally to be a biologically alive and a nutrient dense formula to increase nutrient delivery to your roses. Blue Gold™ Rose makes water wetter for increased water uptake. For best results use as a foliar feed in conjunction with soil root waterings. Safely experience huge production and Amazing Results with significant savings today. To take your roses to the next level we recommend the following to use alongside Blue Gold™ Flower Power: Blue Gold™ Rose BlendBlue Gold™ Fusion Compost Flower NPK Paste and Blue Gold™ Super Carb. Please contact us, for advice on using all of these products together.

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★ 100% GUARANTEED RESULTS (when used correctly). GROW ROSES YEAR ROUND IN SOUTHERN CLIMATES. Pair Blue Gold™ Flower Power with Blue Gold™ Rose Blend, Blue Gold™ Super Carb, and Blue Gold™ Fusion Compost VEG/FLOWER NPK Paste for Award Winning Roses. Nutrient Rich Soil & Balanced Plant Sap with High BRIX Roses requires NO or up to 90% Less Total Inputs of Fungicides, Insecticides, Herbicides, Pesticides, Fertilizers. Protect Rose Buds from Extreme Heat and Frost/Freeze on Blue Gold™ Rose System.

★ BLUE GOLD™ FLOWER POWER ROSE TEA IS A POWERHOUSE OF MICROBIOLOGY SOURCES  complied in a ‘juiced up’ Tea form that’s been log term brewed like a fine wine. Our Rose Food Plant Sources and Worm Castings are brewed with minute Carbohydrate / Key Food Sources to maximize microbiology potential. Soil Microbes are in hibernation state until they hit the water & new carb/food source. A good Compost Tea has a STRONG SMELL due to fermentation. Blue Gold™ Flower Power Soil Biology is NO exception.

★ EXTREME COMPOST ‘ROSE TEA’ JUICE PROMOTES AWARD WINNING ROSES & FLORALS with an Explosive Amount of Buds and Blooms, Supercharged Florals & Rose Plants, True Genetic Colorful Roses, Vibrant Rose Petals, Excess Leaf Terpenes, Internode Stacking, Mega Trichome. Roses Bud Faster. Clones Germinate Quicker. The Beneficial Bacteria and Microbes Create Healthy Living Soil Vital to Rose Bush Growth, Rose Bud Count, Rose Bloom Longevity, Rose Root Protection, Vigorous Growth, Increased Production.

★ SUPER CONCENTRATE – 32oz MAKES MAX 63 GALLONS & 1 GALLON MAKES MAX 252 GALLONS OF FINISHED PRODUCT for Cost Effective Repeated Applications. Our Rose Soil Amendment / Soil Inoculate is Brewed Specifically for Rose Buds. Use in both Root Zone Waterings & Foliar Applications at 1 Tbsp p/ Gallon. Can be Applied in Heat, Cold, Daylight, and/or during Rain. Can be used in both Vegetative / Flowering Stages. Do NOT combine with Pesticides, Inorganic Fertilizers, Chemical pH Adjusters, or Municipal/City Water.

★ 100% NATURAL NOP COMPLIANT (contact certifier pre-use) & SAFE FOR ALL ROSES. Will Not Harm Any Rose, Floral, Plant, People, Animal, or Beneficial (inc. Birds, Bees, Butterflies, Earthworms). Our Chemical-Free Rose Compost Tea is Free of GMOs, PGRs, Toxins, Heavy Metals, Harsh pHs.  100% Made in the USA by Family Owned & Operated Business. Introduce & Enhance Microbiology in Soil with Flower Power. Apply in All Flowering Growth Stages. Will NOT Cause Root Rot.


Nutrition can cure any and every condition in any crop when properly balanced. The Blue Gold™ Rose System (ALL Super Concentrate): Blue Gold™ Flower Power, Blue Gold™ Rose BlendBlue Gold™ Fusion Compost Flower NPK Paste and Blue Gold™ Super Carb requires up to 90% LESS or NONE AT ALL! Get off of chemical based rose fertilizers, rose insecticides, rose pesticides. Roses require MORE nutrition than just THREE inputs: NPK (5-5-7 rose fertilizer, 10-10-10 rose fertilizer, 9-14-9 rose fertilizer, 8-10-8 rose fertilizer, etc.), or rose 2 in 1, rose 3 in 1, etc.  Healthy rose plants are pest and disease free. On the Blue Gold™ Rose System no more searching for: rose fertilizer and disease control, insecticide root drench, systemic rose food and insecticide, rose food and insecticide spray, rose food with systemic insecticide, rose insecticide and fertilizer, rose food and insecticide, rose fertilizer with insecticide. We guarantee your results. Our customer support is second to none. Our time is yours. If you’re looking for the following, you’ve found the right company: organic rose fertilizer, rose food, rose bush fertilizer, knockout rose fertilizer, rose plant fertilizer, desert rose fertilizer, best rose fertilizer, rose bloom fertilizer, fertilizer for rose bushes, rose food fertilizer all in one, mini rose fertilizer, rose tree fertilizer, natural rose fertilizer, rose and bloom fertilizer, organic rose and flower fertilizer, rose bush fertilizer and pest control, rose and plant fertilizer, mini rose bush fertilizer, rose root fertilizer, bare rose fertilizer, rose care fertilizer, rose bush fertilizer spray, indoor rose fertilizer, blue gold rose fertilizer, rose plant food, rose bush food, organic rose food, soil microbes, microbes for soil, rose bloom fertilizer, rose food spray, rose bloom food, rose bloom booster, rose bloom tea, rose bush bloom, soil biology, rose tree food, fertile rose and flower food, rose food fertilizer all in one, rose flower food, etc.

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3 reviews for Blue Gold™ Flower Power

  1. Brad Kinney

    This is amazing. A must try for all gardens and farms!!! I work as an Ag Consultant and Director for multiple companies _ Recently, I used this product to salvage a new client’s greenhouse – 180,000 plants in total were under attack from pythium in the greenhouse. Within just days of utter destruction for their operation. After three days of application at “minimal rates” of use – this product helped to turn that dying greenhouse into a lush and thriving operation again. In just 3 DAYS!!! No sign of pythium left anywhere in that greenhouse. There are few words to describe the amazing results I experience while using this product. Good for use throughout the entire life of the plant from what I have seen so far & I have really put this item to the test so to speak. It has quickly become a “go-to” solution for so many grower needs. Better flavor, aroma, and overall results unlike any other I’ve used, seen or even heard of. Thank you, Eden’s for such amazing results, the entire line of products have never let us down in any way. Thus why I regularly use Edens in my professional work and personal gardens as well. Nothing to lose & EVERYTHING to gain has fast become the best description I can find to explain this item to the public and clients alike. I am consistently satisfied with the performance of their system’s abilities. 10 out of 5 stars!!! –Brad Kinney

  2. Julia Z.

    Saved my roses from blackspot! Here is the Pacific Northwest, black spot is very hard to control on roses. I refuse to use the industrial “systemic” fertilizers on my roses because they kill bees, so after years of failed attempts to try to control black spot with copper fungicides and other natural remedies, I was just about to give up on growing roses when I luckily found BlueGold® Rose Flower Bloom Booster (Triacontanol). The BlueGold® line of products (including the Tea Extract) has not only saved my roses, but they’ve also grown insanely huge, have massive amounts of healthy foliage, and they now have the most beautiful and biggest blooms I’ve ever seen! Thank you, BlueGold®, you have a customer for life! –Julia Z.

  3. Amazon Customer

    The seller is great, but apart from that the product is the best ever. It is miraculous! I live in a coastal area with fog. The fog contributes to black spot and rust. This product takes all that away and makes my rose bushes look like rose bushes again. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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