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Blue Gold™ SUPAMag™ (15% Magnesium)

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Blue Gold™ SUPAMag™ is set apart from other Magnesium sources because it is a raw mined Magnesium in its natural state that is trade-secret manufactured without high heat, acids, solvents, or harsh chemicals to reveal higher levels of Mg, Si, and Fe and preserve inherent all natural biological strains. It is complexed further with NOP Compliant Plant Saponins and Carbohydrates. Complete balanced ratios of all nutrients drive maximum plant growth and production. All nutrients are of equal value and play a key role in plant production, such as Magnesium as the central core to Chlorophyll production. Deficient or locked out Magnesium due to excesses will result in stunted plant growth. Mag-Oxide is universally denied in Organic Agriculture, which also has the least efficient uptake, and while fast absorbing, Mag-Sulfate is fast synthetic and comes with safety and ecology preservation concerns. Fast absorbing Magnesium comes from natural Silicate mines, which can either contain high Iron levels or high Magnesium levels. Blue Gold™ SUPAMag™ is a deliverable high-quality Magnesium Silicate Rock extremely low micron (<5) for solubility and ready for rapid, efficient uptake to resolve Magnesium deficiencies in your soil or plant sap. Optimum available Magnesium levels are attributed with key enzyme production in plants and play a direct role in plant immune function for pest and disease defense. Too much Magnesium can push out Calcium, but the right balanced ratio of Magnesium balances Calcium and Phosphate. Without verified Sap Analysis, one excess can sink the whole grow. Balanced nutrition is water-soluble deliverable nutrition. Apply in all grow media (caution for synthetically enhanced or high Na/Cl media). By itself, SUPAMag™ will not harm ANY plant, floral, strain, biology, system, human, animal, environment, or beneficial (bird, bee, butterfly, earthworm, etc.). Supercharge your grows by optimizing nutrition. Blue Gold™ SUPAMag™ can be used to enhance your current inputs, but it is primarily meant to be used with our nutrient lineup.

  • Magnesium should be applied according to plant sap analysis. Depending on strains and sap test, use the below rates (per 1 gallon) for weekly applications of SUPAMag™. For fastest uptake, fertigate then foliar. Due to natural plant saponins, always add SUPAMag™ to water to reduce minimal foaming.
    • VEG: Zone: 6 – 8 mL / Foliar: 8 – 15 mL
    • FLWR: Zone: 6 – 8 mL / Foliar: 8 – 15 mL
  • Shake before use but please open slowly. 
  • Plants may require varying watering cycles due to light, humidity, temp. Water as needed – keep soil moisture rate at 27% do not exceed 33% zone.
  • Keep soil/sap pH at 6.4 in VEG and 6.3 in FLWR for best growth/fruit.
  • Leftover mix good for 30 days. Store in cool dark place.
  • Apply in heat, cold, rain, sun, shade with any sprayer at anytime, even evenings, early AM is best. Best used with non-city or chemically treated water sources.
  • Causes extreme root growth, caution with plastic/cloth pots (root bounding increases stress).
  • By itself, SUPAMag™ will never cause burning especially if currently using/have used foliar/zone chems/synthetics months prior. Reduce NPK/synthetic inputs by +/- 90%. Do NOT combine with pesticides/chemicals/plant cleaners/etc. SUPAMag™ magnifies anything it touches.
  • Guaranteed Results when used as directed. This is a limited Guarantee restricted to exclusive use with Blue Gold™ products and systems. It is subject to soil, plant, water conditions, Postal damagy. No warrenty. Call 1-877-732-5360 for soil/sap testing, support, claims.
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