Blue Gold™ Bulk 5lb Eden Nutrients Soft Rock Phosphate Mineral – Eden Blue Gold
Earthworms are vital to the soil, increasing aeration and water flow. But most importantly they digest macro organic matter and excrete micro-organic matter (Worm Castings), which are instantly available to plants and provide high organic matter for increasing soil water holding capacities. Worm Castings are a great way to introduce Organic Matter to create a healthy living soil and enhance water retention in a natural way that does not encourage root rot but rather protects plant roots for vigorous plant growth. Worm Castings are low in nitrogen and high in Humic matter so they can be used in any quantity without fear of burning tender young plants and/or the most delicate of plants, unlike animal manures. Worm Castings are a natural slow release material and have been attributed with the benefit of locking out Heavy Metals in organic waste. You can use Eden Nutrients™ Black Worm Casting Concentrate for side dressing plants, as mulching material, additive to potting soil, in worm bed starters for worm farming, hydroponic grow media, seed germination, point soil conditioner amendment for enhanced soil aeration, and so much more! It has been said that the miracles of the earthworm are easily seen in the beautiful growth and yields of your plants in robust and healthy soil. Blue Gold™ Eden Nutrients™ Black Worm Casting Concentrate are rich in nutrients, trace minerals, and natural growth enhancers, which can help to increase microbial populations significantly. As a result of increased natural nutrients and microbes, Worm Castings are reported by many to be synonymous with stimulated plant growth and high yields; more so than any other naturally derived product. Many worm casting products are heavily laden with third-party fertilizer products, and usually a chemical harsh pH source, which only combats your soil conditioning. These pure Worm Castings are produced an in an indoor climate controlled facility under strict quality control standards. NO harsh pH, chemicals, manures or yard waste is used in the worm bedding. They are non-GMO grain fed. As the grains are consumed over and over again, the breakdown results in a high organic matter low salt index pure Worm Casting. Because we take the extreme effort to provide only pure, high-quality non-GMO grain fed diet, our results are a pure black Worm Casting Concentrate that will break down slowly, reducing the need for repeated applications; making our Worm Castings very cost effective. These OMRI listed Certified Organic Worm Castings are pure, extra sifted for maximum sand removal to be sand-free, and provide the purest casting for your Casting needs, allowing you to focus on your fertilizer and soil conditioning needs with ingredients you can trust. Because these Worm Castings are sifted and screened of most of the sand from the Castings which leaves 40% more pure Worm Castings than other Castings in the market. Universities have proven castings to show 5 times greater Nitrogen than topsoil, 7 times greater Phosphate, 11 times greater Potash, and 3 times greater Magnesium. Our Worm Castings have been tested and proven to be free of Toxins and Heavy Metals that are harmful and toxic to you, your animals, and your plants. This product has an NPK rating of 0.75 - 0.50 - 0.25 and is made in the USA. ★ OMRI LISTED SAND FREE CERTIFIED ORGANIC WORM CASTING LAWN GARDEN SOIL AMENDMENT: Burn Proof Low Nitrogen Gardening Plant Additive for Trees, Vegetables, Shrubs, Flowers, Roses. High Nitrogen Fertilizers Burn Plant Roots. Worm Castings are High in Humic Acid and Will Never Burn Your Plants. Great Side Dressing and Mulching Material to Increase Organic Matter and Water Retention. The Beneficial Bacteria and Microbes Create a Healthy Living Soil and Protect Plant Roots for Vigorous Plant Growth. ★ HIGH QUALITY MADE IN USA CHEMICAL FREE LABORATORY TESTED & VERIFIED. Our Pure Black Worm Casting Concentrate are Produced in an Indoor Climate Controlled Facility Under Strict Quality Control Standards. NO Manures, NO Yard Waste, NO GMOs, NO Toxins, NO Heavy Metals, NO Harsh pH. Worms are Grain Fed; Resulting in High Organic Matter with Low Salt Index, Extra Sifted for Maximum Sand Removal, with Slow Breakdown to Reduce Need for Repeated Applications = Cost Effective.

★ EARTHWORMS ARE VITAL TO SOIL AERATION, WATER RETENTION, DIGESTING MACRO ORGANIC MATTER and Excreting Micro Organic Matter to make ‘Worm Castings’; which are Instantly Available to Plants to Provide High Organic Matter for Increasing Soil Water Holding Capacities. This product has an NPK rating of 0.75 - 0.50 - 0.25. ★ HIGH QUALITY CONCENTRATE WORM FARMING WORM BED STARTER, HYDROPONIC SEED STATER GERMINATION, CUSTOM COMPOST TEA BREWS. Seeds Germinate Faster in Worm Castings than Regular Soil. Plants Sprout Up Faster with Worm Castings. Use to Enhance Hydroponic Grow Media! Great Potting Soil Conditioner for Enhanced Soil Aeration. 
★ OUR WORM CASTINGS HAVE 40% MORE PURE WORM CASTINGS THAN OTHER CASTINGS ON THE MARKET. These Castings are Sifted and Screened of most of the Sand from the Castings which leaves 40% more pure Worm Castings than other Castings in the market. Universities have proven Castings to show 5 times greater Nitrogen than Top Soil, 7 times greater Phosphate, 11 times greater Potash, and 3 times greater Magnesium. SUBJECT MATTER - 50 each (5) gardeners, growers, farmers, plant nursery, garden worm casting, hydroponics, seed starter, germinate urban farmer, urban gardener, vertical growing indoor gardening, indoor growing, tower garden landscaper, lawn care, landscape, landscaping INTENDED USE - 100 each (5) Worm casting, Worm castings tea, Worm castings organic, Worm castings fertilizer, Worm castings bulk Worm casting farm, Worm casting soil, Worm castings liquid, Worm castings for gardening, Compost tea Worm castings organic fertilizer, Compost tea brew, Compost tea for cannabis, Compost tea organic Compost tea hydroponics, Compost tea kit, Compost tea fertilizer, Compost tea for plants, top soil Compost tea concentrate, Compost tea mix, Compost tea microbes, Compost tea starter, soil pH, TARGET AUDIENCE - 500 each (5) phosphate buffer, phosphate binder for dogs, phosphate binder for cats, phosphate liquid, phosphate wash, phosphate for dishwasher, phosphate capsules, phosphate vitamins, phosphate aquarium, phosphate dishwasher soap, phosphate magnesium, rock phosphate, rock phosphate powder, soft rock phosphate, soft rock phosphate powder, soft rock phosphate fertilizer, bonemeal, bonemeal powder, bonemeal for cats, bonemeal for dogs, bone meal, bone meal fertilizer, bone meal for dogs, bone meal for plants phosphate wash, bone meal powder, bone meal gardening, bone meal garden, bone meal for garden, bone meal organic, bone meal roses, bone meal powder for dogs, bone meal supplement, bone meal bulk, bone meal for cats, bone meal powder for plants, bone meal calcium, bone meal organic fertilizer, bone meal compost, compost tea, compost for soil, compost for gardening, compost manure, best compost, compost starter, compost for garden, compost mix, compost dirt, compost garden, compost activator compost for vegetable garden, compost for lawn, compost top soil, compost for roses, compost for plants, compost enzymes, compost tea brew, compost tea organic, compost tea hydroponics, compost tea fertilizer, compost tea for plants, compost tea mix, compost tea starter, compost tea plants, compost tea nutrients, limestone powder, limestone garden, limestone soil, limestone for soil, limestone for lawn, limestone planter, limestone for plants, garden soil, gardening soil, soil amendments organic soil, soil conditioner, soil nutrient, garden fertilizer, plant food, fungicide, root growth, organic fertilizer, grass fertilizer, organic weed killer, tomato fertilizer, plant nutrients, plant fertilizer, fertilizer for plants, root booster, root stimulator, inoculant, vegetable fertilizer, foliar spray, organic plant food, foliar feeding, foliar fertilizer, citrus tree fertilizer, citrus food, natural lawn care, root starter, houseplant fertilizer, kelp fertilizer, lawn fungus control root growth hormone, plant food indoor, bean inoculant, root growth, advanced nutrients, greenhouse supplies, bloom booster fertilizer, feeding roses, roses, white roses, desert rose, yellow roses, rose bushes, climbing rose bush, garden roses, desert rose plant, miniature roses, shrub roses, ground cover roses, growing roses, miniature rose bush, container roses, fertilizer for roses, disease resistant roses, potted roses, rose bush tree, patio roses, indoor roses, rose fertilizer SEARCH TERMS - 750 each (1) Soil amendments, Soil conditioner, Best soil for succulents, Soil for orchids, worm castings, Best soil for cannabis, worm castings for gardening, fertilizer ingredients, soil nutrients, organic soil amendments, compost tea, compost fertilizer TARGET AUDIENCE - 50 each (5)
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Blue Gold™ Bulk 4lb Eden Nutrients Certified Organic Worm Castings Concentrate
June 7, 2013
Blue Gold™ Eden Enzymes have been tested at Independent Facilities for quality and performance over leading brands. Blue Gold™ Eden Enzymes have a guaranteed analysis of Alpha-Amylase, Lipase, Catalase, Protease, and Superoxide Dismutase Enzymes. These powerful microbials are derived from plants and extracted using a plant-based benzoic acid without harsh chemicals. Blue Gold™ Eden Enzymes are a powerful pH balanced solution that enhances the overall health of your animal. They are essential to the metabolic processes of the gut and responsible for the micronization of organic cofactors in the metabolic process designed to quickly strengthen the immune system, increase protein synthesis, maximize nutrient uptake, and greatly assist ruminant and non-ruminant digestive systems by improving the digestibility of feeds. Blue Gold™ Eden Enzymes are repeated Grand Champion award winning enzymes with no known side effects. They will not harm the immune system and are safe for all animals, livestock, pets, and show animals including, but not limited too, horses, beef cattle, dairy cattle, all poultry including fowl, goats, rabbits, swine and show pigs, dogs, cats, sheep, and lamb. Our super-blend of plant-based digestive probiotic enzymes are administered through water via dosing medicator pumps for large-scale or added by hand to drinking water containers. Safely experience unprecedented health levels and Amazing Results with significant savings. ★ INDEPENDENT STUDY & THIRD PARTY PROVEN to Ensure Quality and Safety. Free of Toxins and Heavy Metals. Blue Gold Eden Enzymes have been Tested at Independent Facilities for Quality and Performance over Leading Brands. Eden Enzymes Greatly Assist Ruminant and Non-Ruminant Animal Digestive Systems by Increasing the Digestibility of Feeds. ★ REPEATED GRAND CHAMPION AWARD WINNING, SAFE FOR ALL PETS (INC. SHOW ANIMALS + LIVESTOCK), NO KNOWN SIDE EFFECTS! Used Safely Proven History with Horses, Beef Cattle, Dairy Cattle, All Poultry (inc. Fowl), Goats, Rabbits, Pigs, Dogs, Cats, Sheep, Lamb MORE. Will Not Harm Immune System. Dramatically Increase Embryo and Sperm Counts in Show Animals and Livestock Animals when Combined with Blue Gold Grand Champion. Increase Digestion. ★ 100% NATURAL PROBIOTIC DIGESTIVE ENZYMES. No Known Chemicals, Dyes, Preservatives, Fillers. Zero Reactions With Anything Natural. Great Addition to Your Show Animal Supplies Pet Health Products. Guaranteed Analysis of Alpha-Amylase, Lipase, Catalase, Protease, and Superoxide Dismutase Enzymes. Powerful Microbials derived from Plants and extracted Without Harmful Chemicals. Essential to Metabolic Processes and Responsible for Micronization Co-Factors Responsible for Nutrient Uptake. ★ MAXIMUM BENEFITS & ENHANCED OVERALL HEALTH! With Increased Digestion Animals will Experience Maximized Nutrient Intake Resulting in an Enhanced Overall Health. Experience Improved: Coat Shine, Immune Response, Muscle Production, Lean Meat Weight Gain, and Milk Production. Enzymes Reduce Overeating Due to Low Digestibility, Reduce Flatulence, Relieves Itching, Diarrhea, Yeast Infections, Skin Allergies. Can Be Used As a Safe Additive to Any Diet. Healthy Pets Digestive Enzymes Made in USA. ★ MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Spectrum Analysis Tested, Non-Toxic, Manufactured Natural, Cold Process Converted (enzymes below 105) into a Biologically Alive Nutrient Dense Digestive Probiotic Enzyme Solution. We Promise Results. Get Real Results or Your Money Back, Guaranteed. Users have Reported Immediate Results the Same Night Eden Enzymes are Applied. Blue Gold Grand Champion animals are vibrant and healthy (grand champion horses, grand champion dogs)! Blue Gold has been proven in lab studies. Our digestive probiotic enzymes are administered in your animal’s drinking water (dogs, cats, pets, show animals, goats, pigs, hogs, sheep, lamb, rabbits, cows, horses, cattle, livestock animals, more). A superblend of plant based enzymes and probiotics derived from non-GMO plants through non-chemical means using only plant based benzoic acid. Eden Enzymes are an essential factor in metabolic processes of the gut and responsible for the micronization of organic cofactors in the metabolic process. Enzymes and probiotics are essential for protein synthesis and nutrient uptake. With increased digestion, comes increased nutrient uptake, with increased uptake comes stronger immune systems and more available nutrients for increased muscle growth, in addition to the maximized production of animal commodities. Eden Enzymes can be used with dosing medicator pumps for large-scale or used by hand to add to drinking water containers. A proper dose is approximately 10 m/L (1/3 fl. oz.) per 100 lbs of body weight. Eden Enzymes will take your pets, livestock animals, or show animals to unprecedented health levels through proper enzymatic feed conversion (converting consumed food into absorbable nutrients). Most users experience immediate results within 24 to 48 hours. Our brand is trusted by many. Grand Champion Eden Enzyme water treatment supplement is a great addition to your pet care supplies. Grand Champion is one of the best pet supplement. It is a natural pet probiotic, pet supplement for skin and coat, pet supplement for muscle, healthy pets digestive enzymes, itchy skin pet supplement, dairy cattle nutrition, puppy weight gain supplement, poultry probiotics, poultry vitamins, pet vitamins for skin. Can be put in poultry water, beef cattle supplies, dairy cattle show supplies, dairy cattle supplies, MORE. cat dewormer for tapeworms, dog ear mites treatment, cat uti treatment, itchy dog relief, antibiotics for dogs ear infection, itchy dog medicine, best dog dewormer, cat antibiotics uti, cat antibiotics for uti, cat dewormer medicine, cat UTI antibiotics, cat urinary tract infection treatment, antibiotics for dogs skin infection, cat uti medicine, dog yeast skin infection treatment, dog ear yeast infection treatment, itchy dog skin relief, antibiotics for dogs ears, cat dewormer tapeworms, poultry antibiotics, cat uti medication, antibiotics for dogs eyes, best dewormer for cats, cat dewormer roundworm, cat urinary tract infection antibiotic, poultry wormer, antibiotics for dogs tooth infection, cat parasite treatment, dog skin infection treatment, poultry dewormer, cat dewormer for all worms, dog ear mites medication, dog eczema treatment, poultry vaccines, cat urinary tract 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Blue Gold™ Grand Champion Eden Enzymes
June 7, 2013
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Blue Gold™ Bulk 5lb Eden Nutrients Soft Rock Phosphate Mineral

$18.99 $15.00

Blue Gold™ Eden Nutrients™ Soft Rock Phosphate enriched with Calcium derived from a Soft-Rock Phosphate mine is attributed with many other mineral sources in a perfect balance as nature intended (Boron, Calcium, Copper, Iron, Molybdenum, Potassium, Sulfur, Magnesium, Manganese, Silica, Selenium, Titanium, Zinc, more). Phosphate is a critical mineral needed in abundance, in plants and animals, along with Calcium, in the proper ratio. Higher than 6.4 pH or deficient Phosphate levels results in significantly less available Phosphate, and without proper Phosphate levels, essential nutrients like Sulfur, Silica, Micronutrients are Locked Out. What is unique about Eden Nutrients™ Phosphate is its proper pH level and the amount of Calcium levels that make up its composition. Sourced from a natural Soft-Rock Phosphate mine with zero chemical use or additives. This differs from a hard-rock mine in that to mine the material requires the use of harsh acids and other chemicals to micronize it. In Agriculture, a minimum ratio of 800 lbs per acre of Phosphate and 2,000 lbs per acre of Calcium is critical for abundant and quality produce? Phosphate is directly responsible for the sweetness of fruits and vegetables in conjunction with Calcium uptake. Proper BRIX, Calcium, and Phosphate levels increase the pest and disease resistance of plants. Our Phosphate can be used as in Gardening in place of bonemeal (soil additive, soil amendment, garden fertilizer), Agriculture/Livestock Feed Mineral Supplement (Phosphate Calcium makes an excellent form of support for healthy bones and teeth). Disclaimer: This is a raw ingredient to be used for whatever industry or purpose the customer deems necessary. This is not sold specifically as a fertilizer, soil amendment, feed supplement, or otherwise – therefore no guaranteed analysis is provided. Contact distributor for Certificate of Analysis or any other data required before use in your industry.


★ SOFT ROCK PHOSPHATE GARDEN LAWN SOIL ADDITIVE, AMENDMENT, CONDITIONER, NUTRIENT: The most exceptional energy catalyst you can provide plants is a 1:2.7 ratio of Phosphate:Calcium. Calcium is King of Minerals & Phosphate is King of Production + Fruiting Flowering cycles. Proper levels of these in plant sap/soil reduces disease/pest. Be good stewards of the soil and put back every Spring and Fall what the plant takes out or your soil health will decline, and disease/pest worsen year after year.

CALCIUM ENRICHED PHOSPHATE AS BONE MEAL ALTERNATIVE FOR VEGETARIAN VEGAN GARDEN: Soft Rock Phosphate is a non-animal by-product alternative to Blood Meal, Bone Meal and Fish Emulsion for Vegan Gardening and/or Vegetarian Garden. Use in Place of Bone Meal Fertilizer, Bone Meal for Plants, Bone Meal for Gardening, Bone Meal for Roses, Bone Meal Powder for Plants, Bone Meal Compost, Calcium Bone Meal, etc.

PHOSPHATE POWDER AS GARDEN LIMESTONE ALTERNATIVE: Acidic and Calcium Deficient Soils will Benefit from our Soft Rock Phosphate and may Lessen or Eliminate the Need for: Limestone Powder, Limestone for Garden, Limestone for Soil, Limestone for Lawn, Limestone for Plants, etc. Our Soft Rock Phosphate is a Raw Mined Calcium Enriched Phosphate High in Both Calcium and Phos in a Soft Rock Form for Quick Uptake!

★ LIVESTOCK ANIMAL FEED SUPPLEMENTS: Calcium and Phosphate are the 2 most abundant minerals in the body. The importance of these balanced minerals in ruminant animals (cattle, sheep, goats), are vital for ranchers, farmers, livestock owners. Ruminant feed is a poor source of Phosphorus leading to deficiency, which can lead to many problems including reduced growth and feed efficiency, decreased appetite, reduced reproduction efficiency, decreased milk production, weak fragile bones (rickets).

★ INCREASE ROOT SYSTEM OF ROSES, TREES, LAWN SYSTEMS like Soft Rock Phosphate. It helps them develop strong root systems and helps to produce more buds on roses. Can Also Be Used as Compost Tea Additive for Compost Tea for Roses, Compost Tea for Lawn, Compost Tea for Plants, Compost Tea for Hydroponics, and more!

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  1. Brad Kinney

    I am happy to say the plants are eating and growing the trichome production is off the chart and there’s still time to go. -Brad Kinney

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