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BlueGold® Garden Blend (Plant Food)
June 7, 2013
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BlueGold® Hydro (Hydroponic Nutrients)
June 7, 2013
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BlueGold® Rose Blend (Rose Food)

(75 customer reviews)


Use BlueGold® Rose Blend with our complete Rose System or to enhance your non-synthetic inputs. With BlueGold® Rose Blend you can expect to grow roses year-round in zones +/- 8,9,10, explosive foliage and root growth, increased leaf terpene production, increased flowering cycles, and deeper vibrant colors and aromas.

BlueGold® Rose Blend is 100% Natural and NOP Compliant for Certified Organic Programs (please contact your certifier before use). BlueGold® Rose Blend is a safe pH balanced Wetting Agent formulated from only NOP Compliant and Certified Organic Herbs, Minerals, Plant Oils and Extracts complexed further with Plant Saponins, Carbohydrates, Resveratrol, and Triacontanol Sources (safe only for roses/medicinal plant strains). It is trade-secret manufactured without high heat, acids, solvents, or harsh chemicals to reveal higher levels of nutrients and preserve inherent all-natural biological strains. Use in Hydro, DWC, Aqua, Aero, etc. and experience NO reservoir gunning or clogged filter and/or spray tips. BlueGold® Rose Blend is supercritical in optimizing the nutrient delivery and immune system of any rose, potted roses, flowering rose bushes, trees, shrubs, medicinal plant strains, etc., and it also increases the life of fresh cuts/buds. For best results use as a foliar feed, including on hemp/medicinal flowering strains. It makes water wetter for increased soluble uptake and penetration. This optimization and uptake with properly balanced nutrition in plant sap/pH can boost remarkable results like packed trichome, huge flower formations, tight internode stacking, huge continual blooms (+/- warmer climates), higher BRIX (resulting in natural pest/disease control), increase beneficials/pollination/biology/worms, reduce water usage due to increased soil holding capacity, heat/frost/freeze protection (when sprayed prior too), eliminate root rot conditions (with no synthetic use), reduce fertilizer inputs +/- 90% (dependent upon plant sap/pH), and more! Apply in all growth stages and most grow media (caution do not use synthetically enhanced or high Na/Ch media with BlueGold®), and onto edibles up to the day of harvest. By itself, BlueGold® Rose Blend will not harm ANY rose, plant, biology, system, human, animal, environment, pollinator or beneficial (including birds, butterflies, earthworms, etc.) For ALL roses we recommend BlueGold® Rose Blend protect them from frost, freeze, and heat. BlueGold® Rose Blend is 100% American made.

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As the manufacturer we offer Guaranteed Results when used as directed. A limited guarantee restricted to exclusive use with BlueGold® products and systems subject to soil, plant, water conditions, and Postal damages. No warranty. 

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By itself, BlueGold® Rose Blend will never cause burning. Do NOT combine with pesticides/chemicals/plant cleaners/etc. BlueGold® Rose Blend magnifies anything it touches and greatly enhances nutrient uptake. All BlueGold® Solutions have the ability to magnify anything they are mixed with or come into contact within the soil, water, or on plant leaf surfaces. Very recent (months prior) or current use of chemicals like fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, algaecides, bactericides, miticides, pesticides, biocides, fumigants, plant growth regulators, pH Up/Down chemicals, dyes, etc., – all can cause an unfavorable interaction due to the BlueGold® Solution magnifying the strength of said chemical. Strengthened doses of those chemicals can result in direct stress, burning, or death of plants. BlueGold® Solutions by themselves, without chemical interactions, will never cause these issues in any plant or soil (when used as directed)Users must respect BlueGold® labels and reduce NPK/synthetic inputs by +/- 90%. If by user choice, against our directions/recommendations, to use chemical inputs by combining with BlueGold®, they must be reduced by 90% or more. If you quickly move the pH to 6.4 with the help of pH adjusters, without adjusting inputs, you’re drastically making inputs more available, which results in stressed, burned, or dead plants from too big of a hit from the nutrients that are now available at a much higher % than previously. Especially when all the excess stored up chemicals inputs, flood into the plants at even higher EC/PPM values. Likewise, if you do not adjust inputs while using BlueGold®, as soil/sap pH is driven to 6.4, the same can happen over an extended period depending on soil and watering conditions. We do not advocate mixing BlueGold® with any chemicals. This all only applies to chemical-based products and does not apply to organic-based products except for humic and fulvic acids as they are already in the BlueGold®. If you feel you need more, then start at a reduced rate of 90% and test on a few plants first. If you have sprayed or applied granular chemicals to your plants/soil previously/currently we suggest the following steps: 1) Hose the plants/soil down with clean water at least 3 separate times and 2) use the foliar rate below of BlueGold® Rose Blend at 90% less of the recommended BlueGold® foliar base rate application for the first 3-4 applications. For example, rather than use 1 tbsp (15 mL) per 1 gallon of foliar spray to start your foliar sprays (as directed on label); instead, begin with a ½ teaspoon (2.5 mL) per 1 gallon of foliar spray. Also, for the root soak reduce to a ¼ tsp per 5-gallon bucket of water to root drench (water) the plants for 3 to 4 watering’s before using the regular rates of 1 to 2 mL per gallon of water. Best used with non-city or chemically treated water sources. Best if RO, distilled, or rain/spring water is used. BlueGold® works and works very well in all organic situations with no side effects. If you encounter problems in the plants from the chemicals by your choice, then STOP.


FOLIAR: 15 mL (1 tbsp) per gallon of clean water – daily (+ multiple times p/day if you have to increase plant health quickly) or minimum of 3x per week – foliar anytime, including evenings, but early AM is best
Safe to use on any foliage or blooms when using foliar applications. Use Rose Blend as a stand-alone in foliar if you’re not using the BlueGold® Rose System. Spray Rose Blend to a drip especially under the leaves (where bugs hide/lay eggs). If the plant immune system is low (showing signs of pest, disease, weed pressure), up the Rose Blend foliar rate to 60 mL (4 tbsp) per gallon until the immune system raises and the deficiencies are gone – usually within 3-4 waterings. Please contact us (1-307-275-7010 or if issues persist. When you foliar, we recommend you mix 1oz Flower Power, with the 1 tbsp BlueGold® Rose Blend, and 1 tsp Super Carb Rose in 1 gallon of clean water. We recommend foliating as soon as 15 minutes later (one day max) after you’ve watered the root zone. The more you foliar, the better results you will see.


ROOT ZONE (FERTIGATION): 1 tsp (max) per 5-gallon bucket (a little less than 1/4 tsp per gallon) of clean water – maximum 2x per week
If you add Super Carb Rose to your root zone waterings use 1-2 tsp per 5-gallons. You can also add Flower Power at 1 tbsp per 5-gallons. Preferable R/O, spring, or rainwater instead of chemical city water. Using BlueGold® Fusion Compost Rose Bloom Flowering and Rosebud Vegetative NPK Paste in the soil with the BlueGold® Rose Blend foliar feed recommendation above is a winning combo. 

Always test soil moisture with a finger before watering. If the soil sticks to your finger there is no need to water. If using Soil Moisture Meter water at 27%. BlueGold® Solutions make water penetrate deeper/broader reducing watering requirement needs. Hot/Dry/Cold/Wet zones may require +/- waterings.


SEED GERMINATION: 1 tsp per 1-gallon of clean water
It is safe to foliar newly germinated clones/seeds daily at the above rate. To increase the clone germination rate, spray clones with the BlueGold® Rose Blend 5-15 minutes just before planting. Increase transplanting plant success with immediate foliar/root soak applications.


Helpful Hints and Suggestions: For more information please call us on 1-307-275-7010 or email

  • Because we preserve the essential plant microbiology, pressure can slightly build in the bottle, which vents through a special vented cap seal we use. To avoid leaks, never shake, only roll side to side to mix. Always open slowly & carefully like you would a soda bottle. Often BlueGold® is shaken during shipping. Be careful opening the bottle for the first time so as not to experience excessive fizzing and loss of product. Sometimes there can be slight leaks if the carrier is extra rough with the shipping. If there is a problem with the shipment, please contact us at 1-307-275-7010 or email
  • Due to the biologically active natural plant saponins, always add BlueGold® Rose Blend to water to reduce foaming. Always add BlueGold® Rose Blend to water; never add water to BlueGold®. The natural saponin plant surfactants will act like soap and cause extreme foaming if you add water to Rose Blend.
  • If you have a big problem with Nutrient Lock-Out due to pH & imbalanced soil/plant sap ratios — or if you’ve recently applied chemical fertilizer or been abundantly applying NPK fertilizers with little to no results, we recommend using BlueGold® Rose Blend at 90% less the normal rate and work up to the recommended rates above.
  • BlueGold® Solutions gradually move the soil/plant sap pH towards 6.4. At this level of pH, all soil-stored and new nutrients become the most available into the plants. Award-winning roses begin and end with soil/plant sap pH at 6.4. pH below 6.4 will lock-out (9% per each 1/10th pH tick movement): Ca, Mg, K, and available Na Salts. pH above 6.4 will lock-out (9% per each 1/10th pH tick movement): P, S, Si, and all Micronutrients. We’ve created a graphic for visual understanding – view it here. Keep soil/sap pH at 6.4 in VEG and 6.3 in FLOWER for best growth/blooms results.
  • Most soils are deficient in the critical minerals of Phosphate & Calcium. Listen to our in-depth Podcast on YouTube (Eden Blue Gold) and find our Soft Rock Phosphate and Calcium on our website. A general rule: If you’re growing on the West Coast, you’re higher in Calcium and need Phosphate. If you’re growing on the East Coast, you’re higher in Phosphate and need Calcium. You need both, and they need to be put in at balanced ratios. Sometimes soils are so out of balance and devoid of all nutrition you may need to sprinkle more at the beginning of your plant restoration project. Do this 3-5x a year. Our Organic Worm Castings are incredibly high in organic matter. Sprinkle 3-5 tbsp on the soil around rose bushes 7x a year.
  • Store BlueGold® Rose Blend in a cool dark place with the vented cap slightly loose to allow for pressure relief from the continued biological activity in the Solution. The leftover mix is good for 30 days. 
  • We recommended spraying soil in Winter months for Spring planting prep. Can be sprayed on top of snow up to 10x through Winter for soil prep.
  • BlueGold® Rose Blend causes extreme root growth, caution with plastic/cloth pots (root bounding increases stress).
  • BlueGold® can be used with pump-up sprayers, hose-end sprayers (put on 3oz setting), and/or watering pails.
  • Safe to apply in all weather conditions, hot or cold, and before, during, and/or after rain. BlueGold® Rose Blend has been tested from 15°F to 125°F with no detriment to plants, soil, blooms. The best time to spray is early morning when dew is present.
  • BlueGold® Rose Blend is not harmful to the skin. If contact occurs, wash afterward to avoid dry skin.
  • BlueGold® will not stain, damage, or otherwise discolor surfaces such as wood, metal, clay, plastic, or fabrics when used at recommended rates.


At Eden Solutions, we do not believe in just selling you a BlueGold® Solution. Instead, we believe in providing Amazing Results for real problems that require real solutions. Our goal is the best customer support and products in the industry, and we start by standing behind our products 100%, guaranteed. They are tested and used on our farms exclusively, before yours! No question is a silly question; only the ones not asked. Please contact us at 1-307-275-7010 or email anytime. We are eager to receive your call if you have any questions or need help in any way with BlueGold® Solutions or applications. We are happy to serve you and go over your current protocols and inputs and help to devise a successful approach to introducing BlueGold® and recommend the best choices. We offer an industry first PPM plant sap analysis testing + correct soil analysis testing services through Apical.

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Reviews (75)

75 reviews for BlueGold® Rose Blend (Rose Food)

  1. kc*

    Best roses ever!! I was having trouble with black spot in the winter and this stuff stops all that. I also gave very hard water and this helps my roses get the water where they need it. I also use it to combat insects. Works like a charm!! –kc*

  2. learning&inspired

    I used it for a week, as directed, on roots and leaves and the rose bush is still blooming like crazy 2 months later. It worked fast and I feel good that it’s non toxic because I have animals who could be harmed by fertilizers and pesticides. Our rose bush is more beautiful than ever before. –learning&inspired

  3. Anthony Livingston

    On my shrubs, roses, and oak tree, you betcha. My yard is 40-year-old dirt, who knows what’s been put on it in that time, 2 times a week until it got hot did the trick and the roses again in Fall. 3 years ago my oak tree was going to come down, but not now, he’s revived. I can’t speak for other peoples yards. –Anthony Livingston

  4. potterhead

    I love my mature rose bushes, but they get too much heat in Southern California, and I noticed they were struggling. This little concentrated bottle of Rose Blend is helping them slowly come back to life and bring their amazing color back into my life. A little bit of this goes a long way, and it is helping restore the luster back into the petals. –potterhead

  5. MdianeM

    I purchased Blue Gold™ Rose Blend not because I have roses, but for its properties regarding mildew that can be a big problem in Florida. The manufacturer states that this organic liquid concentrate will fix disease, reduce pests, and use less fertilizer. Pests are another big problem in Florida due to the tropical climate. I am hoping I will get more root growth, as the manufacturer states, because I am attempting to grow plants from seeds. I have wildflower seeds, and tomato seeds that I have gathered myself from tomatoes we eat at home. The tomatoes are an experiment, in a container garden on my very sunny patio. I cannot tell how this experiment will turn out, right now I have very fragile stalks. –MdianeM

  6. David Rice

    I actually noticed an improvement in my in my roses the day after the first spay (using a pump sprayer), I have sprayed twice now, and the blooms are staying on the plants a little longer, and the spots are disappearing from the leaves, the new yellow rose we added has even bloomed, looking forward to seeing how much this helps our 10 rose bushes, I am using this as a spray, not a root soak. –David Rice

  7. Wiwse

    It has been over two weeks since I applied this and I do see a beneficial difference on some of the plants. The roses, especially, seem to have responded to this well. Blue Gold™ Vibrant Floral made a good difference to my poor roses who are struggling in the summer heat and humidity of Atlanta. –Wiwse

  8. David Schuchman

    After using Rose Blend for a full growing season, I can truthfully say that this product produced superior results. My roses were bigger, healthier and more fragrant than in past years. It also helped my plants survive extreme heat ( I live in Las Vegas). If you love growing roses, this product is a must! –David Schuchman

  9. Tammy Swindell

    Blue Gold™ Rose has worked really well for me. I’ve planted 18 own root rose bushes in the past three months, and this has helped these baby plants establish themselves. I usually see results (new growth) in 24 to 48 hours after either watering it in or foliar spraying. Japanese Beetles and other kinds of destructive bugs HATE this stuff, and I’ve seen them run from it when I was spraying the foliage. I’ve had consistent new growth and blooming all summer long. My roses look healthy, vibrant, and beautiful, complete with huge blooms. 🙂 Well worth the money spent. –Tammy Swindell

  10. Brad Kinney

    Amazing results!! –Brad Kinney

  11. Amazon Customer

    I’m happy that I have used this product. –Amazon Customer

  12. Richard Leland Bryant Jr.

    Things are looking great my plants are very very happy thank you James your awesome your advice was and is right on!!! –Richard Leland Bryant Jr.

  13. Edmar Q.

    It really works on our roses. –Edmar Q.

  14. Rafael

    Works great, fertilizes the roses and keeps the bugs off of the leaves when sprayed. –Rafael

  15. Marina Brewer

    This product is working great so far. New growth on stems and leaves. Leaves are healthy, and stems are improving as well. –Marina Brewer

  16. Cindi W.

    Still trying it. –Cindi W.

  17. Reid Guthrie

    Delivery was prompt, and the product appears to work as advertised. –Reid Guthrie

  18. Sandra Bishop

    So far, so good. –Sandra Bishop

  19. Amazon Customer

    Reviving a sick rose bush quickly!!! –Amazon Customer

  20. Beverly Parrott

    This works. My roses weren’t doing anything till I used this. Great stuff. –Beverly Parrott

  21. L. Babinsack

    Blue Gold™ Rose has been working great on my roses, even with all the rain here. –L. Babinsack

  22. Charlotte A. Cavatica

    My roses never grew so well. –Charlotte A. Cavatica

  23. Amy Carraway

    It’s my new go-to miracle worker. It saved my 20 year old roses. I’m on my 3rd bottle and I love it. My roses have healthy roots and leaves, bright blooms and it cleared up the black spot in a weekend. It DOES work! Stick with it and follow the directions. Other products treat the symptoms for a few days, but this stuff is a problem fixer. I wouldn’t use anything else. –Amy Carraway

  24. Asma al-sulaiman

    I used this on my roses and all my other flowering plants as a foliar spray and watered with it! I noticed a visible difference within less than a week! My roses where on death row it seemed, and they came back to life with new growth in days! I have new rose buds on them now! The smell is not bad at all, certainly waaaaaaaay better than fish emulsion. –Asma al-sulaiman

  25. Tom Dolan

    EDEN’s comments in reply to reviews are clear, informative, useful, and helpful. For example, the Blue Gold™ Rose Blend will come in the mail today. Meanwhile, it’s raining. No worries. An EDEN comment in reply to a review tells me that rainy days are GOOD for foliar spraying and root drenching. So, I’ll get started today, rain or no rain. I have simplified the math: one teaspoon per quart for foliar spraying; one teaspoon per gallon for root drenching. That makes it easier for me because I’ll be foliar spraying with a quart bottle and root drenching with a gallon jug. Thus, the amount of Blue Gold™ Rose Blend remains constant at one teaspoon, while the water container varies according to whether I am foliar spraying (one quart) or root drenching (one gallon). That math works for me. And it may work for others. –Tom Dolan

  26. Customer89

    I had several questions, and I was able to contact the company directly and get answers. I used the product as instructed and saw results the very next day. In a week I had a totally different plant. This product is the real deal. Well worth the price. You will not be disappointed. They also have farm animal solutions and edible plant solutions. Must buy! –Customer89

  27. Lisa F.

    My roses are especially vigorous this Spring because I started feeding the roots in January. The thrips and aphids that arrived were gone the day after I started spraying Rose Blend solution onto the foliage.” –Lisa F.

  28. Bern K.

    My rose bushes were in bad shape, but I followed the directions, and the rose bush is starting to get new leaves I am happy with the Blue Gold™ Rose Blend. I also used it on all my flowers and it gave them an extra boost🌹🌷🌸🌺🥀. –Bern K.

  29. C. Cole

    Blue Gold™ Rose Blend is very concentrated stuff, once you get past the smell – you’ll appreciate the results. I added 1.5 tsp per 1 gallon in my Hydro Reservoir and overnight the plants perked up, and the leaves are pointing straight into the air ‘praying’ to the lights! This also helps the plants fight disease by boosting the immune system, and also encourages healthy root development. –C. Cole

  30. Amazon Customer

    I started with the Super Carb and then got Rose Blend since the Super Carb worked so well. Started with 50% my normal nutrients and .5m/L per gallon in my feed of Rose Blend and my plants are blowing up. I moved to 60% my normal nutrients and 1m/L per gallon and even better results. I am using 50% less Cal Mag as well and not seeing deficiency when I was having Calcium issues almost every feed before. If you want to hit the gas on your bloom or fruit phase without putting a ton of funky chemicals in your plans, 1m/L of Rose Blend and 2m/L of Super Carb/Gallon and its game time. Don’t get heavy handed with it, a little bit will do ya, and one bottle will last a long time. –Amazon Customer

  31. Annie Tanner

    Beautiful Roses and lots of blooms. I live in an older white brick house. The previous owners had planted 3 Rose Bushes out front, that were almost dead when we moved in. Well being an older house the bottom of the white brick is starting to stain, so I wanted to plant roses all along the front which would cover the bottom staining and look pretty against the white house. I bought a bottle of this stuff and voila! I planted several knock out roses along the front and still had the one rose plant that had survived from the original owners. All of my roses have doubled their size in the two months they have been planted. The one original rose plant was about a foot tall at the beginning of spring and now is almost waist high. Who knew it just needed some love. Great product, going to keep using. The best part is you don’t have to use much, I only use about a cap and a half per two-gallon watering can. –Annie Tanner

  32. Amazon Customer

    Incredible!! I purchased this product a month ago after reading the reviews and decided to take a chance. I did a soil soak on each of my 15 roses and left town for 3 weeks, praying hubby would give them enough water so they wouldn’t die in our 90 degree heat before my return. Fortunately, we had major rain storms for a week while I was gone and when I returned home, I was simply in awe. My roses had doubled in size and had an abundance of blooms like I’ve never seen. I have had the roses for 4 years and they were just doing okay…a few blooms here and there but nothing, NOTHING like they look today. I’m still stunned. I can’t stop looking at my roses. They are soooo beautiful!!!! I truly cannot believe the growth, the bloom size, and the number of blooms. Unbelievably perfect roses! I’m so excited I came across this product and will continue to use and recommend. –Amazon Customer

  33. Kristen Mackin

    After using Blue Gold™ Rose Blend for the first time – there was a noticeable difference in my roses within 48 hours. I highly recommend. –Kristen Mackin

  34. Tony

    Blue Gold™ Rose Blend is the vital 420 bloom/root enhancer especially for winter harvest. –Tony

  35. Melissa

    Love this stuff and so do my roses, will continue to purchase and feed my flowers with Blue Gold™ Rose Blend every week. I actually did a test comparison with another product advertising the same results as Blue Gold™ Rose Blend, and I did not see the same results. Blue Gold™ Rose Blend was also less expensive. –Melissa

  36. Jacqueline

    I am truly amazed with how well Blue Gold™ Rose Blend worked. It was delivered on Saturday, I watered the roots as directed, and within 3 days I have seen an improvement! My rose bush had no blooms or signs of budding on Saturday, and now it has 5. –Jacqueline

  37. George

    I am on my third bottle of Blue Gold™ Rose by Eden Solutions. Amazing really isn’t enough to describe this product. I have been spraying my two neighbors yards as well. Everything is a vibrant green and still growing. It’s the second week in November!!! I can not recommend this stuff enough. I tell everybody I meet about it. Little crazy maybe. But IT WORKS!!! All gardeners, growers, farmers, ranchers that use it are astounded. Doubling TRIPLING crops. Its documented and real. Blue Gold™ has been around for about ten years to the agricultural community. Us consumers are Blessed By God to have this unbelievable solution available. You GOTTA try this stuff. Get the Floral, spray your indoor plant and be astounded in 1 or 2 days. I’ll be buying a whole lot more of this stuff. 5 of my neighbors are using it. Spread the word “WE ARE BLESSED”. –George

  38. Garry M.

    This is the miracle cure for roses even if they are on death’s doorstep like mine were. It got rid of pests, dollar spot and rust spot as well as produced the most beautiful blooms on my prize roses. I would highly recommend this product, and all this company’s products, to any serious gardener as well as any novice gardener. This stuff is fantastic!!!!! –Garry M.

  39. Lottie N.

    Pricey but works. Roses now look very healthy and got 3 blooms. Just planted 3 months ago from a small twig like plant. –Lottie N.

  40. Elizabeth Centeno

    It revived my roses and they are blooming. –Elizabeth Centeno

  41. Jane Martin

    I didn’t really expect to see so much of a difference with this, but I started using this fertilizer during a heat wave in July of 2016 and within 2-3 days after starting to use this, all of the hanging plants had more blooms and brighter blooms. –Jane Martin

  42. Sharan G.

    As a Master Gardener, I have not only had wonderful results with BlueGold® Super Carb on my garden plants but also on my Orchids, African violets, and indoor plants. In combination with BlueGold® Rose Blend, my roses have never been healthier. Eden’s BlueGold® staff is so helpful in answering questions. I feel that they truly care that their products and meeting customers needs and expectations. -Sharan G.

  43. Jeanette O.

    My flowers look better this year than they ever have, thanks to your excellent product.

  44. Customer89

    I called the customer service number that was included with the instructions for the Blue Gold™ Rose Blend. The customer service agent took his time and explained several things to me. I had black spot on my roses, no blooms, and bugs. My instructions were to use the product as instructed two to three times a week for two to three weeks. It has been two uses in one week, and I have blooms, new growth, no bugs, no black spot.

  45. Linda Neilson

    My rose bush was being attacked by Japanese beetles and application of this solution (Blue Gold™ Rose Blend) seemed to resolve the problem.

  46. Todd

    I’ve been using the Blue Gold™ Rose. The solution is working terrifically. I did a foliage spray with amazing results. Not only is the foliage coming in nicely, but amazingly full. New canes are forming all over the place. The flowers are wonderful as well. I’m doing a foliage spray as well as a watering the base of the plants. I’m calling this the wonder tonic for roses and flowers. Thank you for making such a terrific product.

  47. Ellie L.

    This formula is very rich. I think the price is fair for all the goodness you can get. I recently got 2 miniature roses and usually they start to get yellow and die. But mine are green, happily putting out new growth. I mist and water them using this formula. I can surely say Blue Gold™ doing its magic. Plants love it!

  48. Jill881

    I’m actually surprised at how well this product works. My dozen or so roses were slow growing & puny and some of my container roses were on the verge of dying. After using this for only 2 weeks so far, the foliage looks fuller and there are new buds forming. They’ve never looked this good before. –Jill881

  49. Kirsten Mackin

    After using this for the first time – there was a noticeable difference in my roses within 48 hours. I highly recommend.

  50. Customer

    This is truly amazing stuff. My roses were on their way out. This summer and the month of May as well, we had more days over 100 degrees than under 100 degrees. And needless to say roses like the 90’s but do not do well at over 100, especially in 10-day stints. And only have 2 watering days a week I was in a bind until I tried your product. Bingo! This stuff is amazing!

  51. Customer

    I am a new rose gardener and have tried many products to protect and make my roses as healthy as possible. I mixed 1 tsp in 1 gallon of water and applied, in 2 days I noted new growth and my roses looked very happy and healthy. Will definitely purchase again.

  52. Lesly Wells Vick

    Blue Gold™ Rose Blend is really helping my roses survive this brutal California summer heat!

  53. Amy Carraway

    My bees and butterflies absolutely love it! When they’re happy, I’m happy! I don’t know what I would do without it.

  54. Amazon Customer

    This is an all natural product that smells good enough to eat! I use it once a week and have continual blooms. Safe for all garden dwellers, like our beloved Anole lizards 🙂 Never thought I could grow roses in St. Pete!!!! –Amazon Customer

  55. Kevin R. Seiter

    I got these at the recommendation of James at Eden Solutions for use on two blooming plants. I love all their products, they don’t burn and really make the plants pop. I love all their products and highly recommend them all. I haven’t had a problem with any of them burning or bad effects. This stuff is the best. I just ordered two more bottles. This is very potent stuff. Don’t waste it. A little goes a long way. –Kevin R. Seiter

  56. Learning & Inspired

    I used it for a week, as directed, on roots and leaves and the rose bush is still blooming like crazy 2 months later. It worked fast and I feel good that it’s non toxic because I have animals who could be harmed by fertilizers and pesticides. Our rose bush is more beautiful than ever before. –Learning & Inspired

  57. kc*

    Best roses ever!! I was having trouble with black spot in the winter and this stuff stops all that. I also gave very hard water and this helps my roses get the water where they need it. I also use it to combat insects. Works like a charm!! –kc*

  58. Mariana Brewer

    I have 6 rose bushes that I used this product and so far, I have had great, coming back and stems & flowers are going crazy over it. Best product so far that we have used for our roses. –Mariana Brewer

  59. ryjus

    Love this rose formula – what a difference in my flowers and leaves!! In just a couple of weeks they look like different rose bushes. Just what I needed! -ryjus

  60. Mary B.

    Great product! -Mary B.

  61. Ariel McNeil

    This Rose Gold does wonders for my garden! I don’t have roses but I use it for my plants, and I can honestly say that it works. My vegetables are looking good, and I seek to be getting more strawberries this year than , as year, and the season is not even over yet. Overall I am pleased with my purchase. -Ariel McNeil

  62. SherrieL

    Great product great service would order again. -SherrieL

  63. Andrew Grossman

    My roses were severely damaged by April’s freezing weather. Many were killed to ground. Rose Gold has brought them back to their former beauty. It’s easy to use and I highly recommend it. -Andrew Grossman

  64. Amazon Customer

    The ingredient list is completely free of harmful chemicals and unknown items!! -Amazon Customer

  65. Joann

    This stuff is Amazing for Roses plus it’s 100% organic, I think it’s the best out there for the price. -Joann

  66. RalphG

    Works well. Water is just soaked up now in my house plants instead of just running off to the sides of the pot. -RalphG

  67. Amazon Customer

    I admit I was skeptical after reading the gushing positive reviews. I bought this, followed the directions and I’ll be darned if my roses didn’t spring to life. In two weeks they are new plants. Leaves are very green, and the buds look like something out of a picture — fair price for such a great product. I’m a believer. –Amazon Customer

  68. Robert W. Millner

    I have used this product for several years and works great with my roses. Great product! –Robert W. Millner

  69. Maria V.

    My roses and other plants are looking better. Love your product. 🙂🙂 -Maria V.

  70. Amazon Customer

    Truly AMAZING stuff!!! Couldn’t be happier! I’ve used many products for our garden before but have never came across something like Blue Gold. Within the brief time that I started using their rose formula I noticed a huge difference in my more difficult to manage roses. The first thing I noticed is that after a week or two diseased leaves seem to dry out and fall off. My roses also have more vigor and are now putting out a lot of new growth and multiple bud clusters.

    With a degree in ornamental horticulture I am not one to expect some kind of miracle in a bottle cure for anything. However, this stuff comes pretty close.

    Any person who loves or cares for roses needs this stuff.

    Currently I am doing 2 root drenches and 2 foliar sprays every week and it seems to be working really well for me. I’ve tested it on a couple of other flowers (plumeria and hibiscus) and have noticed no adverse affects. I’ve also used it on a dwarf golden delicious apple tree that was struggling and it has really perked up (apples are in the same family as Roses, Rosaceae, so I figured why not give it a try).

    The company who makes Blue Gold, Eden Solutions is also amazing with their customer service and knowledge. They are quick to respond to questions and are very friendly and helpful.

    I am so impressed with them as a company and the products they have that they now have a customer for life. Please give them a try you won’t be disappointed, couldn’t recommended them enough. Just make sure to be regular and follow their dosage instructions and you’ll have amazing results.

    Amazon Customer

    Blue Gold Rose Blend Blue Gold Rose Blend Blue Gold Rose Blend

  71. Bill Wallace

    Fast service and a good product. I’ve used BlueGold® on a rose bed for a couple of years with great results. It’s easy to apply and produces healthy plants, even in mid-summer. -Bill Wallace

  72. GG

    Liquid magic. No matter what I tried, roses in my yard would wither away to dead sticks. Now, new rose bushes I planted, that were about a foot high are easily 3 feet high and blooming like crazy. Rose bushes that I thought were “dead sticks” have sprung back to life. One of them is 4 feet tall! I’ve recommended this product to all my friends and neighbors with full confidence. –GG

  73. James Read

    “I just wanted to drop a little note to you. It finally happened. I thought it would Someday. One of my Rose customers. Came out and complained to me the other day that her roses are getting too big and making too many roses. Ha ha.” -James Read, Owner – Creative Landscape

  74. xiehou

    So far so good. This is the second bottle. –xiehou

  75. Peter F. Vigliarolo

    This product saved my three rose bushes that were suffering from black-spotted leaves and their branches dying. I have beautiful blooms on my prized Julia Child Rose Bushes now, and only a few black-spotted leaves remain. Love this product. –Peter F. Vigliarolo

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