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Blue Gold™ Rose
June 7, 2013
Nutrition can cure any and every condition in any crop when properly balanced. This super carbohydrate microbial super food will help increase blooms, flora, and production in your professional and general hydroponics greenhouse and garden soil systems through accelerated and fueled biological activity. Super Carb can be easily applied and mixed with water. Super Carb reduces rapid start times, reduces total fertilizer and nutrient inputs (vegetable fertilizer, flower fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, plant fertilizer, organic fertilizer, houseplant fertilizer, seaweed fertilizer), preserves grow media, makes growing easier due to increased accelerated microbial activity. Our organic microbe biology superfood helps plant food, root booster, root stimulator, root growth hormone, bloom booster, liquid plant food, flower food, flowering food, and more. Our antifungal antibacterial liquid helps create healthy plants that cure themselves of corn smut fire blight verticillium wilt anthracnose lawn fungus fusarium wilt apple scab, tree diseases sudden oak death damping-off lawn diseases leaf spot leaf curl early blight late blight cankers wheat rust botrytis blight tomato fungus cedar rust galls root rot treatment bacterial wilt cucumber diseases mosaic virus, etc and create natural pest control defense against spider mites nematodes fungus gnats squash bugs whitefly grub worm hymenoptera cutworms leafhopper cucumber beetles weevils flea beetles leafminer sawfly potato beetles leafcutter bees scale insects cabbage worm squash vine borer cabbage looper borer beetle earworms mealy bug tomato pests mexican bean beetle tree borers slug control caterpillar snail repellent garden bugs, etc. greenhouse, gardening, hydroponics, gardening raised beds, nursery plants, aquaponics, pest control house plants, indoor plants, hanging plants, gardening plants, tower garden, plant viruses, lawn care perennial plants, tree diseases, container gardening, houseplants, shade plants, indoor gardening bonsai tree, bamboo plant, bambooo tree, lemon tree, tropical plant, ground cover plant, citrus tree potting soil, plant food, vegetable garden, shade plants, succulents, garden fertilizer, flowers gardeners, growers, farmers, plant nursery, garden women, men, hydroponics, aeroponics, aquaponics urban farmer, urban gardener, vertical growing indoor gardening, indoor growing, tower garden landscaper, lawn care, landscape, landscaping natural, organic, non-toxic, made in USA, NOP, safe for all plants, safe for all produce, safe for all people, safe for all animals, guaranteed results, bio-surfactant, liquid concentrate, gmo free, non-gmo, molasses, plant syrup, superfood Potting soil, garden soil, gardening soil soil amendments, organic soil, plant biology, carb soil nutrients, plant food, flower food, tree care pest control, root rot, root stimulator, microbes root growth, organic fertilizer, liquid fertilizer plant food fertilizer vegetable tomato gardening root rot root growth soil amendment organic garden miracle grow scotts advanced nutrients NPK wilt general hydroponics potting soil houseplant citrus aphids thrips microbes molasses blight mites pH plant viruses flower food root stimulator fruiting flowering mildew liquid fertilizer indoor outdoor vegetative plant bugs stem rot beneficials pest carb carbohydrate liquid plant food vegetables indoor growing soil nutrient input hydro reservoir hydrangea, rhododendron greenhouse, gardening, hydroponics, gardening raised beds
Blue Gold™ Super Carb
June 7, 2013
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Blue Gold™ Hydro

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Blue Gold™ Hydro is 100% Natural and NOP Compliant for Certified Organic Programs (please contact your certifier before use). Our Proprietary Cold-Process converts non-GMO herbs, mineral sources, oceanic plants and clays, plant oils, and other natural plant extracts to make our Hydro Blend. Increased water penetration and uptake with properly balanced nutrition in plant sap with Blue Gold™ Hydro Wetting Agent boosts remarkable results like a longer vegetative and flowering cycle, vibrant produce, intensified taste production, deeper and explosive white fuzzy root growth, higher BRIXX (resulting in natural pest and disease control), attracting beneficials, extreme harvest including bumper crops, multiple sets, and reduction of fertilizer and water inputs by up to 95% (dependent upon plant sap/pH conditions). Blue Gold™ Hydro is a safe 6.4 pH balanced solution designed to quickly address the immune systems of garden produce (vegetables and fruit), cannabis, plants, herbs, and more. Blue Gold™ Hydro is a chemical-free supercritical wetting agent that optimizes a plant’s nutrient delivery system that will not harm people, animals, or beneficials including birds, bees, and butterflies. Our hydroponic nutrients can be applied through all vegetative and flower growth stages and on edibles up to the day of harvest. Blue Gold™ Hydro is manufactured naturally to be a biologically alive and a nutrient dense formula to increase nutrient delivery to your plants and produce. Blue Gold™ Hydro makes water wetter for increased water uptake. For best results use as a foliar feed. Safely experience huge production and Amazing Results with significant savings today. To take your hydroponics to the next level we recommend the following to use alongside Blue Gold™ Hydro: Blue Gold™ Fusion Compost Vegetative NPK Paste and Blue Gold™ Super Carb. Carbs reduce foaming in reservoirs and we highly recommend you buy our Super Carb if you’re buying Hydro. Please contact us, for advice on using all of these products together.

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★ 100% NATURAL & NOP COMPLIANT. Our Proprietary Cold-Process converts non-GMO Herbs, Mineral Sources, Oceanic Plants/Clays, Natural Plant Oils/Extracts to make our Chemical Free Hydro Blend. Enjoy NO More Reservoir Gunking, Less Reservoir Foam (when paired with our Super Carb), No Clogged Filters, or Spray Tips. Our Hydroponic Supplies Make Hydroponics Growing Easy. Increases Nutrient Delivery to Plants/Produce. Hydro can be Applied to All Vegetative/Flowering Growth Stages & up to Day of Harvest.

★ GUARANTEED RESULTS (when used according to directions)! Best Hydroponics/DWC Nutrients Excellent For General/Pro Grows. Safe for All Hydro, Aquaponic, Grow Tent, Tower Garden, Aeroponic, Organic Gardening, Greenhouse, Plant Nursery, Etc. Our Advanced Nutrients Are Second To None & Compatible with All Grow Media. Safe for All Plants. Will Not Harm People, Animals, Beneficials (Birds, Bees, Butterflies, Earthworms). Will Not Cause Root Rot.

★ MAKES WATER WETTER FOR FAST RESULT. Properly Increased Water Uptake and Balanced Nutrition with Blue Gold Hydro Boosts Amazing Results: Longer Vegetative/Flowering Cycles, Extreme Vibrant Produce, Intensified Taste/Production, Multiple Sets, Deeper Explosive White Fuzzy Root Growth, Increased Biology/Pollination, Higher BRIXX (Natural Pest/Disease Control), Eliminate Root Rot and Pest Conditions, Reduce Inputs (hydroponics fertilizer, garden fertilizer, cannabis fertilizer) by up to 90%, More.

★ ROOT STIMULATOR PROMOTES EXPLOSIVE WHITE FUZZY ROOT GROWTH. Our 6.4 pH Balanced Organic Plant Nutrients & General Hydroponics Nutrients are Free of Chemicals, GMOs, PGRs, Toxins. Use as Liquid Plant Food and Root Starter in Foliar Spray, Foliar Feeding to Quickly Address Immune Systems of Plants/Crops. No Need to Flush System through Vegetative and Flower Growth Stages. Our Organic Hydroponic Nutrients & Organic Gardening Aquaponics Supplies are 100% American Made!

★ INCREASE PLANT HEALTH for NATURAL PEST CONTROL (spider mites, thrips, aphids, whiteflies, fungus gnats, etc) and Natural Defenses against Plant Viruses, Plant Fungal Diseases (powdery mildew, downy mildew, gray mold, root rot, iron deficiency). Our Hydroponic Nutrient Solution creates Healthy Plants with High BRIXX for Less Total Inputs, Fungicides, Insecticides, Herbicides, Harsh pH Solutions, Fertilizers, etc. Nutrition Can Cure Any and Every Condition in any Crop when Properly Balanced.

Blue Gold Hydro reduces need for hydroponics fertilizer, organic liquid fertilizer, seaweed fertilizer, vegetable fertilizer organic, plant fertilizer aquarium, organic fertilizer nitrogen, best organic fertilizer, foliar fertilizer, citrus tree fertilizer, acid fertilizer, houseplant fertilizer, kelp fertilizer, lemon tree fertilizer, liquid fertilizer nitrogen, organic fertilizer for vegetables, plant fertilizer liquid, organic gardening fertilizer, organic vegetable fertilizer & other “garden essentials”. Grow Organic with our Hydroponic Garden Supplies for aquaponics system, aquaponics fish tank, aeroponics system, indoor hydroponic system, aquaponics gardening, aquaponics garden, hydroponics fish tank, indoor hydroponic, ebb and flow hydroponic, sustainable gardening, grow system, aquaponics aquarium, ebb and flow hydroponic system, hydroponic reservoir, water chiller hydroponic, indoor gardening hydroponics, tower garden growing system, hydroponics tank, indoor hydroponic grow system, hydroponics reservoir, hydroponics with fish, hydroponics aquarium & more! Our organic plant food is a root booster, inoculant, bloom booster, citrus food, plant food natural, tomato plant food, plant food bamboo, lemon tree care. Our indoor growing anti fungal anti bacterial liquid helps cure fungal diseases, tree diseases, fire blight, verticillium wilt, anthracnose, fusarium wilt, damping-off, leaf curl, leaf spot, cucumber diseases, mosaic virus, early blight, late blight, stem rot, club root, rust, botrytis blight, etc and offer natural pest control against mealybugs, leafhopper, leaf-miner, sawflies, scale insects, etc for all gardening plants, herb garden, vegetable garden, indoor gardening, lemon tree, hydroponic lettuce, fruit plants, indoor hydroponic gardening, hydroponics marijuana, aquaponics grow bed, hydroponics vegetables, organic plants, aquaponics plant, indoor hydroponic herb garden, hydroponics indoor garden, hydroponics orchids MORE!

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Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 5.37 × 2.25 × 2.25 in
Reviews (22)

22 reviews for Blue Gold™ Hydro

  1. BMAZ

    I had some plants which I transplanted into bigger pots with some new soil I’ve never used before, but the soil didn’t agree with them and they were looking real unhealthy. After a couple of weeks of that I had to transplant them again into a completely different, more reliable medium. The stress on the plants was a great and they were struggling to get back into shape, even with using SUPERthrive during transplant. I was worried they would die… Then I stumbled upon this Blue Gold™ product somehow on Amazon and with a leap of faith I ordered it in hopes that it’s wild claims might be true. The day I got it I first used it as a foliar spray in the 15/m/L – 1 gallon ratio and sprayed the plants really good around sunset, even sprayed plenty onto the trunk of the plants so it’d seep down into the roots a bit; why not, I was desperate. But I kid you not… the very next morning the plants noticeably perked up! I’m now using it as a foliar spray 2x a week and I add it with the other nutrients I mix when I water them (at a 1.5/ml-gal ratio per instructions). So far it looks like the plants are making a solid comeback. Really cool. And if you’re wondering just what’s in this product? EVERYTHING! These folks must’ve taken some ayuahasca or something when they were inspired to add all this stuff together, I had to take two separate photos of the ingredient list to post them with this review! But their magical vision seems to have paid off – thanks Eden Solutions! =) –BMAZ

  2. Mary T.

    This product has been working great. My plants our coming up real good and healthy. –Mary T.

  3. Brad K.

    A company who keeps to it’s claim and provides something the agricultural world absolutely NEEDS. This stuff is amazing, the staff is great, Eden Solutions, THANK YOU!! –Brad K.

  4. Jason S.

    Pure magic. This technology goes way beyond the scope described on the bottle. I have experienced many incredible results from use of this product in my household. –Jason S.

  5. Amazon Customer

    Excellent Product! The most amazing product I have ever used, could not make a higher recommendation! –Amazon Customer

  6. Amazon Customer

    Great stuff works real fast saved some sunflowers that fell over in too small buckets from lots of wind I re-potted them and instead of seeing them die or be sad I looked around found this stuff no expiration date all organic good price fast result what’s not to love. I use them both and will use them both on pretty much everything I want to be beast. Some of this Hydro 1 m/L in 1 gallon I also got and used the Blue Gold™ Super Carb since I read that plants love carbs 2m/L in 1 gallon water with the Super Carb watered the sunflower with it and the next day they were very happy and growing like nothing happened love it. Great company. Great Customer Support. They will do anything to help you with any of your growing needs. –Amazon Customer

  7. Daniel Covey

    My plants went from doing great to doing so amazing that it’s almost shocking! This product is well worth every penny! –Daniel Covey

  8. Julie Harper

    I just started my outdoor Hydroponic Tower Garden for the season and have used the Blue Gold™. All my plants seem to be doing great and growing daily. Very pleased so far. –Julie Harper

  9. Pearl Phillips

    Works great!! –Pearl Phillips

  10. jellimelli4646

    I’ve always had more of a brown thumb than a green one, but Blue Gold™ has remedied that. My plants are luscious, vibrant, and thriving. Thank you so much Eden Solutions! –jellimelli4646

  11. Prime Addict

    This natural plant food works great. It is making a difference for my veggies. –Prime Addict

  12. Amazon Customer

    Thank you. –Amazon Customer

  13. J. Fred

    I believe I can tell an improvement using Blue Gold™. My plants have twice as many roots than before. Good enough that I will order again. –J. Fred

  14. Josepth Porter

    Heard good things can’t wait to see some results. –Josepth Porter

  15. Shahndel Oaksong

    This is great for my organic hydroponics! –Shahndel Oaksong

  16. Connie

    Just started using this for my garden tower. Love that it’s organic and love the price! My veggies are doing great on this product. Will definitely buy again! –Connie

  17. Customer

    I’ve only been using Blue Gold™ for a couple of days. This has to be the best kept secret in the growing world. I can say I see visible results. I can’t wait to see long term results.

  18. Jacqueline Sanchez

    I use this in Las Vegas and it is helping my garden immensely!! –Jacqueline Sanchez

  19. Kevin R. Seiter

    Eden Solutions products are all good and this is helpful, especially the ones in pots that dry out in the heat. It’s a great foliar spray also. Best product additives for marijuana that I have found. Follow directions. –Kevin R. Seiter

  20. Bill Peterson

    This product is wonderful. I use it for foliar feedings for my outdoor, soil grow. My plants just suck this stuff up! They love it and it shows! They are so healthy and beautiful, and I don’t have pest issues like in the past. If you ever have any questions, the customer service is amazing. James is a wealth of knowledge and eager to share it. I really like this product! –Bill Peterson

  21. woohopper

    This is a great product. –woohopper

  22. Amy Carraway

    SAW aphids for the first time on my swamp and whorled milkweed this morning! I grabbed my notepad where I write down your formulas and reminders from you and James. I poured up floral, hydro, garden and water and gently mixed them and added to a spray bottle. I liberally sprayed stems and both sides of the leaves. Came in, set my bottle down, walked out to cuss them, and the were DEAD. Not dying, but dead. I praised Jesus, mentally high fived your team, and went on Amazon to buy more bottles. It wiped out what I had on hand. I’m praying the butterflies come back. The butterfly purists say to never spray anything on milkweed, but I listen to you every day over them. Farmers know their stuff. The bees are right back on it, so I think we’re good.

    Thought you’d love to know!

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